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Kim Anderson's profile picture at UCF

Kim Anderson, Ph.D., MSSW, LCSW

Phone: 407-823-5201
  • Life Trajectories of Children Exposed to Domestic Violence across the Lifespan
  • Economic and Health Inequity in Communities of Concentrated Disadvantage
  • Methodologies: Community-Based Participatory Research, Mixed Methods, Qualitative (Grounded Theory, Narrative, Thematic Analysis)
Bethany Backes's profile picture at UCF

Bethany Backes, Ph.D., MSW, MPH

Assistant Professor
  • Violence Against Women
  • Multidisciplinary responses to victims
  • Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence
  • Stalking
  • Sexual Violence
  • Victim Help-Seeking
  • Program evaluation
Susanny Beltran's profile picture at UCF

Susanny Beltran, Ph.D., MSW

Assistant Professor, Center Co-Director
Phone: 407-823-4662
  • End-of-life care
  • Health literacy and health promotion
  • Health care disparities among racial/ethnic minority older adults
  • Qualitative research
  • Gerontology education
Melissa Bermudez's profile picture at UCF

Melissa Bermudez, MSW, LCSW, LICSW

Instructor, Online MSW
Phone: 407-823-4655
  • Intimate Partner and Power-Based Violence / Trauma
  • Military personnel and Veterans
  • Culturally inclusive care and services
Kevin Brown's profile picture at UCF

Kevin Brown, Ph.D.

Phone: 407-823-5621
  • child welfare
  • Family Preservation
  • Evidence-based Practice
Heather Burroughs's profile picture at UCF

Heather Burroughs, MSW, LCSW

Phone: 407-823-0179
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Field Education
  • Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care for Social Workers
  • Licensure
  • Hospice Care
  • Social Work with the Elderly and Individuals with Disabilities
Catherine Cash's profile picture at UCF

Catherine Cash, EdD, MA

Student Resource Specialist IV
Phone: 407-823-6079
  • Career Advising
  • Student Retention
  • Transfer Students
  • First Generation College Students
  • Nontraditional Students and Adult Learners
  • Graduate Student Engagement
Reshawna Chapple's profile picture at UCF

Reshawna Chapple, Ph.D., MSW, LCSW

Associate Professor
  • Critical Deaf Studies
  • Critical Race Feminism and Intersectionality
  • Culturally Responsive Mental Health Treatment and Access to Services
  • Intimate Partner Violence and Trauma Recovery
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Telemental Health
  • Informed Care
Sophia Dziegielewski's profile picture at UCF

Sophia Dziegielewski, Ph.D., LCSW

Assessment Coordinator, Professor
Phone: 407-823-6342
  • Human subject research and protection of the rights of human subjects
  • Child protection
  • Mental health assessment and treatment
  • Health and wellness
  • Standardized testing strategies and continuing education and training
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Ethical Research
Christine Ferretti's profile picture at UCF

Christine Ferretti, MSW, LCSW

Instructor, Online MSW Field Education Coordinator
Phone: 407-823-4987
  • Juvenile Sex offender population
  • At Risk Youth
Denise Gammonley's profile picture at UCF

Denise Gammonley, Ph.D., LCSW

Phone: 407-823-2215
  • Elder care workforce
  • Person-centered care
  • Disability, aging & technology
  • Global social work
  • Scholarship of teaching and learning
Kimberley Gryglewicz's profile picture at UCF

Kimberley Gryglewicz, Ph.D., MSW

Associate Professor, Center Co-Director
Phone: 407-823-2954
  • Suicide prevention
  • Health and mental health
  • Family engagement & caregiving issues
  • Program implementation and evaluation
  • Violence Prevention
  • Caregiver Health/Well-Being
  • Grief and Bereavement
  • Community-based participatory research
Shelley Hall's profile picture at UCF

Shelley Hall, MSW

Phone: 407-823-3056
  • Clinical practice in a hospital with neonatal families and maternal/child mental health issues
  • Adoption
  • Foster Care
Robin Kohn's profile picture at UCF

Robin Kohn, MSW, LCSW

B.S.W. Program Director, Senior Instructor
Phone: 407-823-2967
  • Grief and Bereavement
  • End-of-life care
  • Varying Abilities & Disabilities (primarily mobility & neurological disorders)
  • Practice Health
Shawn Lawrence's profile picture at UCF

Shawn Lawrence, Ph.D., LCSW

Associate Professor
Phone: 407-823-3112
  • Obesity and Stigma
  • Substance Abuse
  • Student learning environments and outcomes
Ana Leon's profile picture at UCF

Ana Leon, Ph.D., LCSW

Interim Director, Professor
Phone: 407-823-6195
  • Child Mental Health
  • Impact of Early Trauma on Child Mental Health and Development
  • The Effects of Parenting on Very Young Children
  • Infant Mental Health
Shellene Mazany's profile picture at UCF

Shellene Mazany, LCSW, MSW

Associate Instructor, Program Director for the Online MSW Track
Phone: 407-823-1089
  • Mental Health and Addictions
  • Children
  • Youth and Families
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Assessment and Treatment Planning
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Online Education and Technology
Maxine McGregor's profile picture at UCF

Maxine McGregor, MSW, MS

Instructor, Program Director of the MSW Face To Face Track
Phone: 407-823-3037
  • child welfare
  • domestic violence
Olga Molina's profile picture at UCF

Olga Molina, DSW, MSW, LCSW

Associate Professor
Phone: 407-823-6793
  • Divorce
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Groupwork
Julia O’Connor's profile picture at UCF

Julia O’Connor, Ph.D., MSW, MPH

Assistant Professor
Phone: 407-823-3137
  • Violence Against Women
  • Primary Prevention
  • Campus Sexual Violence
  • Perpetration
  • Evaluation Research
  • International Social Work
  • Reproductive Health
Estelli Ramos's profile picture at UCF

Estelli Ramos, MSW, MDiv

Phone: 407-823-3161
  • Diversity
  • Macro-Practice
  • Spirituality
  • Latino Individuals and Groups
Iradly Roche's profile picture at UCF

Iradly Roche, MSW

Phone: 407-823-1068
  • Alternative School Social Work for Exceptional Student Education
  • Clinical Social Work for Residential and Academic program working with teen parents
Julie Steen's profile picture at UCF

Julie Steen, Ph.D., MSW

Associate Professor
Phone: 407-823-6452
  • Child welfare organizations
  • Child Welfare Policy
  • Human Rights Education
Josette vonBirgelen's profile picture at UCF

Josette vonBirgelen, MSW

Phone: 407-823-3283
  • Field Education
  • Child trauma focusing on sexual abuse and family reunification
  • Supervisor role within Field education
Xiaochuan (Sharon) Wang's profile picture at UCF

Xiaochuan (Sharon) Wang, Ph.D., MSW

Assistant Professor
Phone: 407-823-3705
  • Health and mental health service access and utilization
  • Correlates of help-seeking behaviors
  • Healthcare and eldercare workforce capacity assessment
  • Culturally sensitive care for racial and ethnic minority older adults
Tracy Wharton's profile picture at UCF

Tracy Wharton, Ph.D., MEd, MSc, MSW, LCSW

Associate Professor, Public Affairs-Social Work Program Liaison
Phone: 407-823-2819
  • Healthcare access and equity for vulnerable or marginalized populations
  • Workforce development for interprofessional healthcare settings
  • Dementia caregiver wellbeing
James Whitworth's profile picture at UCF

James Whitworth, Ph.D., LCSW

Associate Professor
Phone: 407-823-6136
  • Military members and veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Assessment and treatment of trauma responses
  • Military social work education programs
  • Alternative treatments for PTSD
  • Service Dogs for PTSD
  • Equine Therapy for PTSD
Jacqueline Withers's profile picture at UCF

Jacqueline Withers, MSW, LCSW

Associate Instructor
Phone: 407-823-5716
  • Medical Social Work
  • oncology
  • hospice
Asli Cennet Yalim's profile picture at UCF

Asli Cennet Yalim, Ph.D., MSW

Assistant Professor
Phone: 407-823-4660
  • Refugee mental health and psychosocial wellbeing
  • Syrian refugees
  • Forced migration in the Middle East
  • Use of mental health services among refugee and immigrant populations
  • Community-based participatory research
  • Culturally competent practice
  • Resilience and empowerment
  • Refugee Women

Current Grants

Social Work

Program Evaluation Services for K9 Partners for Patriots

  • PI:James Whitworth
  • Amount: $49,840 | Timeframe: 08/01/2019 - 07/31/2021
    Funding Type: Extramural Research
    Funding Agency: K9 Partners for Patriots
    Social Work

    The Florida REACH Translation Project: Translating an EBP for an Outpatient Clinical Setting

  • PI:Tracy Wharton
  • Co-PI: Daniel Paulson
  • Amount: $94,999 | Timeframe: 02/14/2019 - 09/29/2021
    Funding Type: Extramural Research
    Funding Agency: Florida Department of Health: Ed & Ethel Moore Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program
    Social Work

    Strong Foundations

  • PI:Julie Steen
  • Co-PI: Bonnie Yegidis
  • Co-PI:Chris Stewart
  • Amount: $997,690 | Timeframe: 10/01/2018 - 09/29/2023
    Funding Type: Extramural Research
    Social Work

    Central Florida Pathways to Awareness, Support and Services II (C PASS II)

  • PI:Kimberley Gryglewicz
  • Co-PI: Kristina Childs Fisher
  • Amount: $375,000 | Timeframe: 09/30/2018 - 09/29/2021
    Funding Type: Extramural Research
    Funding Agency: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

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