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Faculty Research Interests

Kim Anderson

Interim Center Director, Interim Program Director of Public Affairs - Social Work Track Coordinator
Phone: 407-823-5201
  • Assessment of trauma and recovery for survivors of violence
  • Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth in Trauma Populations
  • Intimate partner violence - including rural and Native American populations
  • Childhood exposure to domestic violence across the lifespan
  • Digital Storytellng as a trauma narrative intervention

Mary Ann Burg

E-mail: m.burg@ucf.edu
Phone: 407-823-6167
  • Women's health
  • Cancer survivorship and access to care
  • Cancer health disparities
  • Integrated behavioral healthcare

Reshawna Chapple

Assistant Professor
  • Black and African American Communities
  • Critical Race Feminism and Standpoint Theory
  • Critical Deaf Studies and Deaf Cultural Identity
  • Culturally Responsive Social Work Practice
  • Intersection of Race, Gender and Disability
  • Intimate Partner Violence and Trauma Recovery
  • Mental Health Treatment and Barriers to Access

Sophia Dziegielewski

Phone: 407-823-6342
  • Human subject research and protection of the rights of human subjects
  • Child protection
  • Mental health assessment and treatment
  • Health and wellness
  • Standardized testing strategies and continuing education and training
  • Psychopharmacology

Denise Gammonley

Associate Professor, Interim Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Affairs
Phone: 407-823-2215
  • Elder care workforce development
  • Person-centered care practices
  • Global social work practice
  • Scholarship of teaching and learning

Kimberley Gryglewicz

Assistant Professor, Interim Center Director
Phone: 407-823-2954
  • Suicide prevention
  • Health and mental health
  • Family engagement & caregiving issues
  • Systems of care
  • Program implementation and evaluation

Shawn Lawrence

Associate Professor
Phone: 407-823-3112
  • Obesity and Stigma
  • Substance Abuse
  • Student learning environments and outcomes

Ana Leon

Interim Associate Director of the School of Social Work, Professor
Phone: 407-823-6195
  • Pediatric health and mental health
  • Infant mental health
  • Chronic illness in children and parental stress
  • Latino children and families

Olga Molina

Associate Professor
E-mail: omolina@ucf.edu
Phone: 407-823-6793
  • Divorce
  • Intimate partner violence
  • African American and Latino/a Families
  • Undocumented Families
  • Mental health
  • Groupwork

Eunji Nam

Assistant Professor
E-mail: enam@ucf.edu
Phone: 407-823-3642
  • Young Adults with Mental Health Conditions
  • Co-occurrence of Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders
  • Mental Health Service Utilization
  • Health and Mental Health Care Access and Barriers
  • Social Support Networks
  • Program Development and Evaluation

Julie Steen

Associate Director of Research, Associate Professor
Phone: 407-823-6452
  • Child welfare organizations
  • Child Welfare Policy
  • Human Rights Education

Sharon (Xiaochuan) Wang

Assistant Professor
Phone: 407-823-3705
  • Health and Mental Health Disparities
  • Service Access and Utilization
  • Social Support
  • Culturally Sensitive Care for Older People of Color

Tracy Wharton

Assistant Professor, Assoc Dir of Research: McCormick Research Institute, IPE & Clinic Outreach Behavioral Health Team Lead, Social Work Honors in the Major Coordinator
Phone: 407-823-2819
  • Healthcare access and quality of care for older adults with chronic conditions
  • Healthcare access and equity for vulnerable or marginalized populations
  • Workforce development for interprofessional healthcare settings
  • Program evaluation
  • Dementia caregiver wellbeing

James Whitworth

Associate Professor
Phone: 407-823-6136
  • Military families
  • Animal-assisted therapies
  • Clinical skills training

Bonnie Yegidis

Professor, School of Social Work Director
Phone: 407-823-2208
  • Domestic violence
  • Child welfare organizations
  • Social work education
  • Women's mental health

Current and Recent Grants

Social Work HEALS: Social Work Healthcare Education and LeadershipScholars
PI: Tracy Wharton, Ph.D.
$80,000, 7/27/2015-7/26/2020
Council on Social Work Education and National Association of Social Workers

The Florida REACH Translation Project: Translating an EBP for an Outpatient Clinical Setting
PI: Tracy Wharton, Ph.D.
$94,998.91, 2/14/2019-2/29/2020
Ed and Ethel Moore Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program, Florida Department of Health

The Seminole County System of Care (SCSOC) Expansion Evaluation
Co-PI: Kimberley Gryglewicz, Ph.D. (with PI Kristina Childs, UCF, Criminal Justice)
$356,542, 1/1/2016-9/29/2019
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) (to Community Initiatives, Inc. then to UCF)

Expanding SBIRT Workforce Capacity in Central Florida: SBIRT Training for Graduate Social Work Students and Community Health Professionals
PI: Shawn Lawrence, Ph.D.
$915,000, 9/30/2015-9/29/2018
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Central Florida Pathways to Awareness, Support and Services (C PASS)
PI: Kimberley Gryglewicz, Ph.D.
$375,000, 9/30/2015-9/29/2018
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

A Pilot Study into the Effects of Canine-Assisted Therapy for Military Veterans with PTSD
PI: James Whitworth, Ph.D.
$7,500, 5/1/2017-4/30/2018
UCF Office of Research and Commercialization (In-House Grant)

Florida Linking Individuals Needing Care
PI: Kim Gryglewicz, Ph.D.
$138,269, 9/30/2016-9/29/2017
University of South Florida

Child Abuse Prevention Campaign Evaluation
PI: Julie Steen, Ph.D.
Co-PI: Mary Ann Burg, Ph.D.
$74,716, 2/6/2015-6/30/2017
Florida Department of Children and Families

Child Welfare Education Program
PI: Bonnie Yegidis, Ph.D.
$5.3 million, 7/1/2015-6/30/2017
Florida Department of Children and Families

Comprehensive School Safety Initiative: Developing Knowledge About What Works to Make Schools Safe
Co-PI: Kimberley Gryglewicz, Ph.D. (with PI Kristina Childs and Co-PI Roberto Potter)
$305,862, 1/1/2015-6/30/2017
National Institute of Justice (NIJ) (to Brevard Public Schools then to UCF)
[total NIJ award is $2,269,744]

The Effectiveness of Evidence-Based Attachment-Focused Parenting for Families with Young Children: Using Circle of Security in the Child Welfare System
Co-PI: Ana Leon, Ph.D. (with PI Kimberly Renk, UCF, Psychology)
$60,000, 4/15/2016-4/15/2017
Florida Institute for Child Welfare

Child-WIN: Child Welfare Workforce Innovation
PI: Julie Steen, Ph.D.
$50,000, 3/1/2016-1/30/2017
Children’s Home Society of Florida

Florida Linking Individuals Needing Care (FL LINC)
PI: Kimberley Gryglewicz, Ph.D. (with PI Marc Karver, USF)
$173,706, 9/30/2014-9/29/2016
Florida Council for Community Mental Health
[part of a three-year, $3.68 million award from SAMHSA]

Campus Suicide Prevention
PI: Kimberley Gryglewicz, Ph.D.
$18,980, 9/30/2014-9/29/2016
University of South Florida [from SAMSHA]

Public Defender Information Postings
PI: Sophia Dziegielewski, Ph.D.
$38,640, 5/8/16-8/8/16
Orlando Public Defender’s Office

Enhancing Caregiving Capacity for Very Young Children
PI: Ana Leon, Ph.D.
$28,267, 6/1/2015-6/15/2016
Devereux Center for Resilient Children