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The CHPS Rehabilitation Innovation Center is where we cultivate ideas that best leverage healthcare technology, education, care delivery, and wellness & prevention strategies to transform healthcare. We are located in Research Park, near many of the CHPS Rehabilitation and Wellness Services clinics.

Together with experts from all different disciplines, we are committed to solving complex healthcare problems through allied healthcare research and education. Innovation Center is run by College of Health Professions and Sciences faculty and staff, and supports the College’s mission to transform healthcare and improve lives. We achieve this through convergent research and practices that pioneer the human-technology frontier with integrated care delivery.

Leveraging powerful resources and expertise, the CHPS Rehabilitation Innovation Center serves as a convening hub for UCF faculty, staff, students and partners who utilize interprofessional collaboration and next generation technology to revolutionize student education and the future of clinical practice.

We bring together cross-functional teams for research to create actionable intelligence that can be applied to the way students learn, discover, transition to practice, and deliver contemporary care to patients who are treated in facilities and in their homes. The center also serves as a beacon for experts throughout the country, and a one-stop-shop for rehabilitative solutions.

Our Mission:

To advance rehabilitation services through access to novel education and interdisciplinary practice, groundbreaking technologies, and clinical trials.

Our Vision:

To be a destination for translational health research via technology innovation and interprofessional collaboration.

Our Goals

Revolutionize Rehabilitative Clinical Practice
Transform the Educational Model of the Next Generation Clinician
Increase Research in New and Emerging Areas of Clinical Practice, Treatment Technology, and Training Models

Our Innovation Space

The Center integrates the research, teaching and clinical service missions of our college. This is achieved through permanent “residents” of various CHPS research labs, collaborative creative space, and unique learning environments. By working together, we incubate ideas, discover new pathways that result in improved health outcomes, and discover new ways of using technology to accomplish educational, research, and service-delivery goals.

Global Technologies Lab 
This is where we bring large groups together! It is home to our holographic technology, Dr. Hologram, and film studio for recording content and hosting holoportation (live beam) events.

Emerging Technology Lab
This lab is a flexible space for teams to incubate new ideas, develop new technologies or explore new ways of using existing technology.

Maker Space
Want to create something super impactful from very simple technology? Through resources such as a 3-D printer, and simple electric and mechanical engineering equipment and tools, we are creating solutions that help those with disabilities function in the world.

Idea Lab
Ideal for smaller groups of up to 35 people, the room has projection equipment, whiteboard/screen and can be set up with tables and/or chairs or move in and out equipment for demonstration.

Collaboration Lab
This conference room can seat approximately 10 people. This space is equipped with a large monitor for collaboration via technology sharing platforms.

Simulation Rooms
(Currently under construction) These mock hospital rooms help us train interdisciplinary healthcare teams in new procedures and protocols, facilitate practice of advanced techniques and provide learners with valuable interprofessional experience for delivering and communicating care to patients and teams. The spaces are designed and function like an acute care hospital room with simulation technology to address complex airway and mobility conditions.

Observation A/B
Two dedicated rooms for observation of all Innovation Center labs are available via private network audio and video technology for research, teaching and training purposes.

The College of Health Professions and Sciences offers a broad range of research labs in the areas of kinesiology, physical therapy, athletic training, speech-language pathology, and social work. Our researchers use Innovation Center as a hub for collaboration.

Powered By Partnership

By integrating with interdisciplinary and complementary organizations, we can achieve our goals of revolutionizing evidence-based service delivery in allied healthcare and allied health education. This space best facilitates that work by enhancing how we collaborate with other disciplines in our college, other healthcare and health industry partners and programs including, engineering and computer science experts.

We invite you to join us in creating solutions for complex healthcare problems. Please reach out with your ideas.

Thanks to partners like Variety Children's Charity of Florida, we are creating adaptive solutions.

Technology That Transforms

Part of our mission is to uncover new technology that creates new pathways for learning. An example of one of the first technologies to be implemented in Innovation Center is CHPS’s acquisition and implementation of PORTL’s “Dr. Hologram” in 2021, made possible by a gift from Brooks Rehabilitation. The pandemic has highlighted the urgency for providing novel approaches to healthcare education as the scope and complexities of patient care evolve rapidly. CHPS leverages our expertise and scale to lead the charge in this field by harnessing the power of shared immersive experiences to train future healthcare providers, staff, caregivers, and community with the use of holoportation technology. These experiences are provided both live and prerecorded, and contribute to a robust library for learners. Check our events for upcoming live beam opportunities to join!

This type of technology is only the beginning of technology to be leveraged, developed, implemented, and branded within the CHPS Innovation Center by faculty, students, and industry/community partners. We invite you to contact us to explore more opportunities.

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