Faculty and Staff

Linda Alexander

Academic Advisor IV
Location: Education Complex Room: 320E
Phone: 407-823-2598

Mohammadali “Ali” Amirkhosravi

Health Sciences
Location: HPA II Room: 209

Kim Anderson

Interim Center Co-Director, Public Affairs-Social Work Program Liaison
Center for Behavioral Health Research and Training, Doctoral Program in Public Affairs, Social Work
Location: HPA I Room: 220-A
Phone: 407-823-5201

Layla Archer

Associate Director
Dean's Office, Undergraduate Affairs
Location: HPA II Room: 115
Phone: 407-823-0010

Bethany Backes

Assistant Professor
Social Work

Alexandra Barraza-Oliphant

Office Support Assistant
Health Sciences
Location: HPA II Room: 210E

Gesa Barto

Administrative Assistant I
Center for Autism and Related Disabilities
Location: Research Pavilion Room: 365
Phone: 407-823-6014

Morris Beato

Clinical Assistant Professor
Physical Therapy
Location: HPA I Room: 255A
Phone: 407-823-1864

Susanny Beltran

Assistant Professor
Social Work

Melissa Bermudez

Social Work