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Faculty Areas of Specialty

Latifa S. Abdelli, MS, Ph.D.

  • Stem cells in tissue repair and regeneration
  • Role of Gut-Brain axis in health and disease

Keith Brazendale, Ph.D., MS

Assistant Professor
  • Childhood Obesity
  • Physical Activity
  • Sedentary Behavior
  • sleep

Steven Burroughs, MS, RDN, LDN, CDN

  • Critical Care Nutrition Support
  • Energy and Protein Metabolism and Regulation
  • Nutritional Management of Chronic Diseases

Cheryl Cavaliere, Ph.D., MS, RDN, LDN

  • Nutrition for Prenatal and Lactating Women
  • Nutrition for Children and Infants
  • Plant-Based Nutrition for Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Stress and Emotional Eating
  • Strategies for Resolving Food Insecurity
  • Food and Exercise as Medicine

Katia Ferdowsi, MD, MPH

Phone: 407-823-1446
  • Disease prevention
  • Public Health
  • common and preventable diseases in youth
  • Global Health

Shante Jeune, Ph.D., RDN

Assistant Professor
  • Nutrition Education
  • Eating Behaviors
  • Self-regulation and Cognitive Skills

Gail Kauwell, Ph.D., RDN, LDN, FAND

Department Chair, Professor
Phone: 407-823-0782
  • Folate and vitamin B12 requirements and metabolism
  • Nutrient-gene interactions/epigenetic alterations and disease risk

Yen-Han Lee, Ph.D., MPH

Assistant Professor
  • Substance Use
  • Global Health
  • Health disparities
  • Geriatric health
  • Secondary Data Analysis

Eunkyung “Muriel” Lee, Ph.D., RDN

Assistant Professor
Phone: 407-823-3365
  • Evaluation of cancer treatment using the patient-reported outcomes research and comparative effectiveness research approaches
  • Interrelationship among adjuvant radiotherapy, comorbidity, survival, and health-related quality of life among older women with breast cancer
  • Evaluation of healthy behaviors among cancer survivors utilizing the National Health and Nutrition Survey (NHANES) data
  • Evaluation of interventions in improving quality of life among cancer survivors

Humberto Lopez Castillo, MD, Ph.D., CPH, CMI-Spanish

Assistant Professor
Phone: 407-823-3012
  • Alcohol use and abuse
  • Risky sexual behaviors
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Sexual minority populations
  • Secondary data analyses
  • Sexual and reproductive health

A’Naja Newsome, Ph.D., ACSM-CEP

  • Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Exercise Psychology
  • Physical Activity Epidemiology
  • Research Measurement

Michael J. Rovito, Ph.D., MA, CHES

Associate Professor
Phone: 407-823-3888
  • Cancer Survivorship
  • Testicular Cancer
  • Quality of Life
  • Men's health
  • Public Health

Suha Saleh, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Affairs, Associate Professor
Phone: 407-823-6761
  • Health education
  • College student health
  • Eye disorders and diabetes

Joy D. Scheidell, Ph.D., MPH

Assistant Professor
Phone: 407-823-3004
  • Substance Use
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Harm reduction
  • Health inequities
  • Epidemiologic methods

L. Timothy Worrell, BS, MPH, RRT

Phone: 407-823-5236
  • History of cardiology
  • Hemodynamic monitoring of the critically ill patient
  • Invasive cardiovascular diagnostic techniques
  • Non-invasive cardiovascular diagnostic techniques

Current Grants

Health Sciences

Dose-Response Effect of Exercise on Depression and BDNF in Sedentary Young Adults

  • PI: A’Naja Newsome
  • Amount: $10,000 | Timeframe: 07/01/2023 - 06/01/2024
    Funding Type: Foundation/Industry
    Funding Agency: American College of Sports Medicine Foundation (ACSM)
    Health Sciences

    Mediators of Disparity of Quality of Life in Hispanic Breast Cancer Survivors

  • PI: Eunkyung “Muriel” Lee
  • Amount: $98,692 | Timeframe: 07/01/2023 - 06/01/2024
    Funding Type: Foundation/Industry
    Funding Agency: FL Breast Cancer Foundation
    Health Sciences

    Overdose Risk Management and Compensation in the Era of Naloxone

  • Co-PI: Joy D. Scheidell
  • Amount: $15,000 | Timeframe: 06/01/2023 - 05/01/2024
    Funding Type: Extramural Research
    Funding Agency: Sponsor: NYU, Prime: NIH
    Health Sciences

    Cardiometabolic Status of Adults Living with HIV in Colón, Panama

  • PI: Humberto Lopez Castillo
  • Amount: $355,400 | Timeframe: 09/01/2022 - 06/30/2024
    Funding Type: Extramural Research
    Funding Agency: Fogarty International Center
    Health Sciences

    RF: Development and Validation of the Collegiate Recreation Constraints and Negotiations Scale

  • PI: A’Naja Newsome
  • Amount: $9,055 | Timeframe: 10/01/2021 - 12/31/2024
    Funding Type: Foundation/Industry
    Funding Agency: NIRSA Foundation
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