The UCF College of Health Professions and Sciences’ mission to improve health though clinical practice is facilitated through our Wellness and Rehabilitation Services. Through our network of clinics, our faculty provide expert care for the community while teaching the next generation of healthcare providers.  We elevate care by translating the latest research into evidence-based treatments for a wide range of conditions across the lifespan, including injuries, acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, stroke, movement disorders, complex neurological conditions, developmental delay, hearing loss, and others.


Deliver pioneering clinical education and practice to improve individual and community health and wellness.

Our Clinics

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Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD)

The Centers serve both children and adults of all levels of intellectual functioning who have autism, pervasive developmental disorders, autistic-like disabilities, dual sensory impairments, or sensory impairments with other disabling conditions. Our primary focus is to provide individualized, direct assistance to these individuals and their families. Services include technical assistance and consultation, professional training programs and public education activities.

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Communication Disorders Clinic

Our patients receive specialized care by a highly skilled and dedicated team of clinical educators who are committed to preparing the next generation of speech-language pathologists. We offer cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment services to people of all ages with communication and hearing challenges — from toddlers developing speech and language to adults who have impaired speech, language, voice or swallowing due to disease trauma, aging and other causes.

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FAAST Center

The Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology (FAAST) has six Regional Demonstration Centers which provide services to increase awareness, access and acquisition of assistive technology for all Floridians. There is a wide range of Assistive Technology (AT) device categories, such as: activities of daily living, adaptive toys and games, communication, computer access, environmental access, mobility, and seating and positioning.

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Physical Therapy Clinic

We offer a full range of orthopedic and sports physical therapy services to help people recover, decrease pain and enhance their quality of life. Our team of highly qualified physical therapists are board-certified in a variety of areas to provide the most advanced care.


Our clinics are always recruiting participants for our research studies. Participation not only helps contribute to science, but can also be a fun learning experience.


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Bari Hoffman, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs, Professor
Communication Sciences and Disorders, Dean's Office
Location: HS I Suite: 365
Phone: 407-823-4804
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