Faculty and Staff

Dr. Michael J. Rovito is an Assistant Professor of Health Sciences at the University of Central Florida Dr. Rovito holds a Ph.D. in Public Health and a M.A. in Urban Studies from Temple University, a B.A. in Geography from Millersville University, and is a certified health education specialist. His work specializes in testicular self-examination and testicular cancer, male health behavioral change, and formative research, including theory, instrument, and intervention design.

  • Ph.D., Public Health, Temple University
  • CHES, Health Education, NCHEC
  • FMHI, Fellow, Men's Health Initiative, Inc.
Research Interests
  • Men's health
  • Health behavior sciences
  • Health communication
  • Public Health
  • Health education
  • HSC4730: Applied Health Research Methods
  • HSC4501: Chronic Disease Epidemiology
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