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Research Roundup: Recent Publications By CHPS Faculty Fall 2021

Written By: David Janosik | January 25, 2022
Our faculty pursue big ideas and share what they learn by publishing their research to advance scientific discovery. As part of an institution designated as “very high” research activity by...

Social Work Faculty, Students and Alumni Present at Society for Social Work and Research Annual Conference

Written By: UCF School of Social Work | January 12, 2022
On January 12-16, teams of UCF School of Social Work faculty, students, alumni and other social work professionals will be presenting at the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR)...

Behind the Masks: Stories from Alumni and Students on the COVID Frontline

Written By: Camille Dolan '98 | November 1, 2021
Every year, thousands of UCF grads walk off a stage with bulbs flashing and brimming with excitement as they begin the next chapter of their lives.   Thanks to the global...

Professor Kim Anderson Explains “Missing White Woman Syndrome”

Written By: UCF School of Social Work | October 11, 2021
UCF Social Work Professor Kim Anderson spoke to News13 on the research pertaining to “missing white woman syndrome,” a concept that refers to the disproportionate media coverage of how missing/murdered upper-class...

Genius Foundation Awards $300,000 To UCF Interdisciplinary Health Research

Written By: WENDY SARUBBI | October 7, 2021
Eight interdisciplinary faculty research projects — on health topics including pain management, improving provider-patient communication, and intimate partner violence — have received about $300,000 in grant funding through a new...

School of Social Work’s CBHRT: Fueling Scientific Collaboration and Expanding Professional Expertise

Written By: UCF School of Social Work | October 7, 2021
The Center for Behavioral Health Research and Training (CBHRT) was established in 2017 and is the first of its kind in the School of Social Work. The CBHRT serves a unique purpose to link practitioners...

Listen In: Abuse Hurts At Every Age. UCF’s Bethany Backes Talks Domestic Violence In 50 Plus Women During The Pandemic

Written By: NPR - Danielle Prieur (WMFE) | October 5, 2021
A new study out of UCF paints a picture of the abuse women 50 and up have faced over the past year. More than 40 percent of the women surveyed in...

Staff Spotlight – Lauren Taylor

Written By: Drexler B. James'13 | September 23, 2021
Lauren Taylor is helping to grow the School of Social Work’s Center for Behavioral Health Research and Training. Through her various roles, she ensures the Center operates smoothly while conducting impactful, community research on mental health – a subject near and dear to Taylor’s heart.  Learn more...

New UCF Co-led Study Will Focus on Keeping Intimate Partner Violence Survivors Safe

Written By: Robert Wells | September 21, 2021
The researchers will create evidence-based, intimate partner violence pretrial safety assessment guides for judges to use when considering pretrial release in intimate partner violence cases. A University of Central Florida...

MSW Fellowship Students Share Their Research

Written By: UCF School of Social Work | August 4, 2021
The UCF School of Social Work MSW Traditional Track awarded six new first-year graduate level students with a $10,000 fellowship to assist them with tuition, fees, and other expenses for academic year...

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