Research Roundup: Recent Publications By CHPS Faculty Spring 2023

Written By: Stella Canfield | October 5, 2023

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Students at the College of Health Professions and Sciences benefit from faculty who conduct research into a broad number of health and wellness topics, discovering new insights and creating innovation that impacts our communities and generations to come.

UCF has a Carnegie Foundation designation for very high research activity. Below is a collection of CHPS faculty peer-reviewed publications from January 1, 2023 – July 31, 2023.

Bolded names denote CHPS faculty.
** Denotes graduate students.
* Denotes undergraduate students.

School of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Abarca, D.L.**, Allen, K.*, Towson, J.A., & Green, K.B. (2023). Enhancing adolescent parent interactions in communication through facilitative playgroups. Journal of Child Language, 1-16.

Abarca D., Towson J., & López Castillo H. Breaking cyclic intergenerational literacy deficits: Describing linguistic interactions of adolescent mothers and their young children. Communication Disorders Quarterly (2022 IF: 0.9).

Aunis-Oumghar, C., Leclercq A-L. & Vanryckeghem, M. (2023). Studying the differences in the role of speech-related attitude in French-speaking preschool children who stutter and do not stutter. Journal of Fluency Disorders. Proceedings of the 2022 Joint World Congress on Stuttering and Cluttering Montreal, Canada.

Birkeneder, S. L.**, Bullen, J., McIntyre, N., Zajic, M. C., Lerro, L., Solomon, M., Sparapani, N., & Mundy, P. (2023). The construct validity of the Childhood Joint Attention Rating Scale (C-JARS) in school-aged autistic children. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 1-17.

Green, K.B., Towson, J.A., & Jacovetti, B. (2023). The triadic model: A collaborative therapeutic delivery model for young children with communication and developmental delays. Dimensions of Early Childhood, 51(1), 32-40.

Hutchison, P.**, Maeda, H., Formby, C., Small, B.J., Eddins, D.A., & Eddins, A.C. (2023). Acoustic deprivation modulates central gain in human auditory brainstem and cortex. Hearing Research, 428, 108683.

Madden, E. B., Bislick, L., Wallace, S., Therrien, M., Goff-Albritton, R. (2023). Aphasia and friendship: Stroke survivors’ self-reported changes over time. Journal of Communication Disorders, 103, 106330.

Madden, E. B., Therrien, M., Bislick, L., Wallace, S., Goff-Albritton, R., Vilfort-Garces, A., Constantino, C., Graven, L. (2023). Caregiving and friendship: Perspectives from care partners of people with aphasia. Topics in Language Disorders, 43 (1), pp. 57–75.

Rangarathnam, B., Paramby, T., McCullough, G.H., Pickett, H., Tulunay-Ugur, O.E., & Zraick, R.I. (2023). A randomized controlled trial of the effects of flow phonation voice treatment for
primary muscle tension dysphonia
. Journal of Communication Disorders.

Schellhase, K.C., McIntosh, A.A.**, Jennings-Collier, I.I.A.**, Dininny, M.D.**, Zraick, R.I., & Mangum, L.C. (2023). Readability of postconcussion home care instructions. International Journal of Athletic Training and Therapy.

Veerabhadrappa, R.C., Vanryckeghem, M., & Maruthy, S. (2023). A communication attitude comparison between Kannada and Hindi speaking Children with and without stuttering. Journal of Fluency Disorders. Proceedings of the 2022 Joint World Congress on Stuttering and Cluttering Montreal, Canada.

Zajic, M., McCauley, J., McIntyre, N., & Mundy, P. (2023). Writing self-concept, text engagement, and writing practice across contexts: Comparisons between school-age childen on the autism spectrum and their non-autistic peers. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

Department of Health Sciences

Abarca D., Towson J., & López Castillo H. Breaking cyclic intergenerational literacy deficits: Describing linguistic interactions of adolescent mothers and their young children. Communication Disorders Quarterly (2022 IF: 0.9).

Blackwell C.W., Hicks R.W., López Castillo H., Guido-Sanz F., Anderson M. A current evaluation of mpox in the United States: Implications for public health nursing. Public Health Nursing.

Di­az D., Todd A., Gilbert G.E., López Castillo H., Anderson M., Jackson J.P., Linnell M.R.*, Ng K.Y.*, Walker A.G.*, Di­az R.Z.* Using various types of embedded participants to enhance culturally congruent, family-centered simulation-based education. Simulation & Gaming (2022 IF 2.0). 2023;54(4):427-446.

Engelberg, R. S., Scheidell, J. D., Islam, N., Thorpe, L., & Khan, M. R. (2023). Associations Between Incarceration History and Risk of Hypertension and Hyperglycemia: Consideration of Differences among Black, Hispanic, Asian and White Subgroups. J Gen Intern Med.

Hines, R. B., Zhu, X., Lee, E., Eames, B., Chmielewska, K., & Johnson, A. M. (2023). Health insurance and neighborhood poverty as mediators of racial disparities in advanced disease stage at diagnosis and nonreceipt of surgery for women with breast cancer. Cancer medicine, 10.1002/cam4.6127.

Lee, E., Hines, R. B., Zhu, J., Nam, E., & Rovito, M. J. (2023). Racial and ethnic variations in pre-diagnosis comorbidity burden and health-related quality of life among older women with breast cancer. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, 10.1007/s40615-023-01634-1.

Lee, E., Park, Y.**, Li, D.*, Rodriguez, A., Wang, X., & Zhang, W. C. (2023). Antidepressant use and lung cancer risk and survival: A meta-analysis of observational studies. Cancer Research Communications 3(6) 1013-1025.

Newsome, A. (2023). Exercise promotion practices among mental health professionals: A scoping review. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 44(7), 591-601.

Remch, M., Scheidell, J. D., Cleland, C. M., Turpin, R., Duncan, D. T., Dyer, T. T., Kaufman, J. S., Mazumdar, M., Brewer, R., Feelemyer, J., Mayer, K. H., & Khan, M. R. (2023). Mediation of the Effect of Incarceration on Selling Sex Among Black Sexual Minority Men and Black Transgender Women in the HPTN 061 Study. AIDS Behav, 27(8), 2791-2802.

Saleh, Suha, and Asi, Yara. (2023). Diversity in Learning Preference and Predictors of Levels of Student Learning Among Pre-Health Professions Students. College Student Journal. 57(2): 161-171.

Vernet, Emily*, and Saleh, Suha (2022). Impact of Work-Life Balance on Health-Related Quality of Life Among College Students. College Student Journal. 56(4), 335-344.

School of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences

Babcock, R., Viana, S.**, Roach, V.**, Shiley, C.**, Lazaro, R., Wilson, A. T., & Beato, M. (2023). Examining the effects of amplitude-based training as a component of the plan of care in an individual with olivopontocerebellar atrophy. Physiotherapy theory and practice, 1-10. Advance online publication.

Choudhury, R.**, Park, J. H., Banarjee, C., Thiamwong, L., Xie, R., & Stout, J. R. (2023). Associations of mutually exclusive categories of physical activity and sedentary behavior with body composition and fall risk in older women: a cross-sectional study. International journal of environmental research and public health, 20(4), 3595.

De Vera Barredo, R., Beato, M., Childers, C., Chui, K., Doerhoff, W. S., Ganz, S., Gravano, T., McGonigle, T., & Peters, K. (2023). Description of Specialty Practice-10 Years Onward: The Changes in Geriatric Physical Therapy. Journal of geriatric physical therapy (2001), 10.1519/JPT.0000000000000387. Advance online publication.

Devorski, L.**, Skibski, A.**, Fukuda, D. H., Stout, J., Ingersoll, C., & Mangum, L. C. (2023). Optimizing normalization methods of the external oblique: A cross-sectional study. Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, (Preprint), 1-6.

Dufner T.**, Moon J.**, Fukuda D., Wells A. The Effects of Two Weeks of Oral PeakATP® Supplementation on Performance during a Three-Minute All out Test. Journal of Functional Morphology & Kinesiology.

Fukuda, D. H., Lopes-Silva, J. P., Takito, M. Y., & Franchini, E. (2023). Relative Age Effect in Judo Competitions: Influence of Age, Weight Category, Sex, and Time Frames. Perceptual and motor skills, 130(3), 1168-1184.

Furtado Mesa M.**, Stout J.R., Redd M.J., Fukuda D.H. Accumulated Workload Differences in Collegiate Women’s Soccer: Starters versus Substitutes. Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology. 2023; 8(2):78.

Garcia, M. C., Heiderscheit, B. C., Kraus, E., Norte, G. E., Murray, A., & Bazett-Jones, D. M. (2023). Preferred temporal-spatial parameters, physical maturation, and sex are related to vertical and braking forces in adolescent long-distance runners. Sports Biomechanics, 1-11.

Glaviano, N. R., Mangum, L. C., Bazett-Jones, D. P., DiStefano, L. J., Toland, M. D., & Boling, M. C. (2023). Strength Training Rehabilitation Incorporating Power Exercises (STRIPE) for individuals with patellofemoral pain: a randomised controlled trial protocol. BMJ Open Sport and Exercise Medicine, 9(1), e001482.

Goldstein, E. R.**, Stout, J. R., Wells, A. J., Antonio, J., Vasenina, E.**, & Fukuda, D. H. (2023). Carbohydrate-Protein drink is effective for restoring endurance capacity in masters class athletes after a two-Hour recovery. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 20(1), 2178858.

Hanney W.J., Dhalla F., Kelly C., Tomberlin A., Kolber M.J., Wilson A.T., Salamh P.A. The influence of personality type on patient outcomes and therapeutic alliance in patients with low back pain.  Neurosci.

Hanney, W., Rodriguez, J.**, Wilson, A. T., Rothschild, C., Kolber, M. J., Varela, A., & Salamh, P. A. (2023). The Utility of Photobiomodulation as a Supplement to Orthobiologic Interventions. Biologic Orthopedic Journal, 4(SP1), e106–e115.

Hill, E.C., Rivera, P.M.**, Proppe, C.E.**, Gonzalez-Rojas, D.**, Lawson, J.E.** Acute effects of low load blood flow restricted and non restricted exercise on muscle excitation, electrical efficiency, and average torque. Journal of Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions. 2023.

Jagim, A. R., Harty, P. S., Tinsley, G. M., Kerksick, C. M., Gonzalez, A. M., Kreider, R. B., Smith-Ryan, A.E., Stout, J.R., & Antonio, J. (2023). International society of sports nutrition position stand: energy drinks and energy shots. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 20(1), 2171314.

Kolber, M. J., Purita, J., Lana, J. F. S. D., Salamh, P. A., & Hanney, W. J. (2021). The Effect of Combined Bone Marrow Aspirate, Lipoaspirate, and Platelet Rich Plasma Injections on Pain, Function, and Perceived Change Amongst Individuals with Severe Knee Osteoarthritis. Biologic Orthopedic Journal, 3(1), e29–e39.

Krstulovic, S., Franchini, E., Fukuda, D. H., Stout, J. R., DelCastillo-Andres, O., & Kuvacic, G. (2023). Development and test-retest reliability of the Combat Sports Post-Career Health Questionnaire (CSPCHQ). The British journal of nutrition, 129(10), 1827-1839.

Laurence, P., Hanney, W. J., Purita, J., Graham, A., & Kolber, M. (2023). Blood Flow Restriction Training: A Potential Adjunct to Orthobiologic Procedures. Biologic Orthopedics Journal, April; 4(SP1), e142-e163. IF: NA; Category: NA.

Lopes-Silva, J. P., Richardson, D., Fukuda, D. H., & Franchini, E. (2023). Is There an Optimal Interval for Medal Winning Performance in World Para Powerlifting Competition? American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 102(2), 172.

Mangum, L. C., Skibski, A.**, Devorski, L.**, & Slater, L. (2023). Balance Error Scoring System Performance Differences in Figure Skaters Based on Discipline. International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, 18(4), 898-904.

Pagan, J.I., Harmon, K.K., Girts, R.M., MacLennan, R.J., Beausejour, J.P., Hernandez-Sarabia, J.A., Coker, N.A., Carr, J.C., Ye, X., Defreitas, J.M., Stock, M.S. (2023). Sex-specific reliability of lower limb corticospinal excitability and silent periods. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 37(9):1882-1887.

Rivera, P.M.**, Proppe, C.E.**, Gonzalez-Rojas, D.**, Wizenberg, A.**, & Hill, E.C. (2023) Effects Of Load Matched Isokinetic Versus Isotonic Blood Flow Restricted Exercise on Neuromuscular and Muscle Function, European Journal of Sport Science.

Proppe, C. E.**, Aldeghi T. M.*, Rivera, P. M.**, Gonzalez, D. R.**, Wizenberg, A. **, and Hill, E. C. 75-Repetition protocol versus sets to failure of blood flow restriction training on indices of delayed onset muscle soreness in untrained women. European Journal of Sport Science. Published ahead of print, 2023.

Proppe, C. D.**, Hill E.C., and Rivera , P.M.** Neuromuscular responses to failure versus non failure during blood flow restriction exercise in untrained females. International Journal of Exercise Science. 1;16(1):293-303, 2023. PMCID: PMC10124729

Rothschild C.E. and Collingwood T.G. Maximizing running participation and performance through menopause. J Women’s & Pelvic Health Phys Ther. 2023:47(2): 133-143.

Ruple, B.A., Plotkin, D., Smith, M.A., Godwin, J.S., Sexton, C.L., McIntosh, M.C., Kontos, N.J., Beausejour, J.P., Pagan, J.I., Rodriguez, J.P., Sheldon, D., Knowles, K.S., Libardi, C.A., Young, K.C., Stock, M.S., Roberts, M.D. (2023). The effects of resistance training to near failure on strength, hypertrophy, and motor unit adaptations in previously trained adults. Physiological Reports, 11: e15679.

Rush, J. L., & Norte, G. E. (2023). Hamstrings fatigue does not improve quadriceps function in individuals with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Physical Therapy in Sport, 61, 20-26.

Sadeqi, S., Norte, G. E., Murray, A., Erbulut, D. U., & Goel, V. K. (2023). Effect of whole body parameters on knee joint Biomechanics: Implications for ACL Injury Prevention during Single-Leg Landings. American Journal of Sports Medicine, 51(8), 2098-2109.

Salamh, P.A., Hanney, W.J., Boles, T., Holmes, D., McMillan, A., Wagner, A., Kolber, M.J. (2023). Is it Time to Normalize Scapular Dyskinesis? The Incidence of Scapular Dyskinesis in Those With and Without Symptoms: a Systematic Review of the Literature. International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. June; 18(3): 558-576. IF: NA; Category: NA.

Schellhase, K.C., McIntosh, A.A.**, Jennings-Collier, I.I.A.**, Dininny, M.D.**, Zraick, R.I., & Mangum, L.C. (2023). Readability of postconcussion home care instructions. International Journal of Athletic Training and Therapy.

Sherman, D. A., Baumeister, J., Stock, M. S., Murray, A., Bazett-Jones, D. M., & Norte, G. E. (2023). Brain activation and single-limb balance following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Clinical Neurophysiology, 149, 88-99.

Sherman, D.A., Baumeister, J., Stock, M.S., Murray, A.M., Bazett-Jones, D.M., Norte, G.E. Inhibition of response selection motor processes: negative neuroplasticity following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. (2023). Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 55(3):440-449.

Sherman, D.A., Baumeister, J., Stock, M.S., Murray, A.M., Bazett-Jones, D.M., & Norte, G.E. Weaker quadriceps corticomuscular coherence in individuals following ACL reconstruction during force tracing. (2023). Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 55(4):625-632.

Skibski, A.**, Devorski, L.**, Orfield, N., & Mangum, L. C. (2023). Relationship Between Muscle Activity and Force During Suspended Bridge Exercises. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 32(5), 624-629.

Skibski, A.**, Goetschius, J., & Mangum, L. C. (2023). Exploration of the Golf-Specific Low Back Pain Questionnaire. Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, 10.1097/JSM.0000000000001160.

Tatta, J., Pignataro, R. M., Bezner, J. R., George, S. Z., & Rothschild, C. E. (2023). PRISM – Pain Recovery and Integrative Systems Model: A Process-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Approach for Physical therapy. Physical Therapy.

Thiamwong, L., Xie, R., Park, J. H., Choudhury, R., Malatyali, A., Li, W., … & Stout, J. R. (2023). Levels of accelerometer-based physical activity in older adults with a mismatch between physiological fall risk and fear of falling. Journal of gerontological nursing, 49(6), 41-49.

Vasenina E.**, Stout J.R., Fukuda D.H. Tennis Specialization and Consequence of Injury/Illness Following Retirement. Sports. 2023; 11(5):106.

Wilson, A. T., Riley, J. L., Bishop, M. D., Beneciuk, J. M., Cruz-Almeida, Y., & Bialosky, J. E. (2023). Characteristics and Outcomes of Patients Receiving Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain with a Nociplastic Pain Presentation: A Secondary Analysis. Pain Research & Management, 2023, 1–10.

Wilson, A. T., Riley, J. L., Bishop, M. D., Beneciuk, J. M., Cruz-Almeida, Y., Markut, K., Redd, C., LeBlond, N., Pham, P. H., Shirey, D., & Bialosky, J. E. (2023). Pain phenotyping and investigation of outcomes in physical therapy: An exploratory study in patients with low back pain. PLOS ONE, 18(2), e0281517.

Xie, R., Chen, L., Park, J. H., Stout, J., & Thiamwong, L. (2023). Smoothing spline analysis of variance models: A new tool for the analysis of accelerometer data. arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.07513.

Young, K. M., Rush, J. L., Lepley, A. S., Girmann, A. M.*, & Norte, G. E. (2023). Intersession reliability of quadriceps corticospinal excitability: A functional transcranial magnetic stimulation study. Brain Research, 1808, 148348.

School of Social Work

Ahmadi, A., Galusha, J.M.,  Ponder, W.P., Carbajal, J., Schuman, D.L., Whitworth, J.D., & Yockey, A. (2023) Validation of the PCL-5, PHQ-9, and GAD-7 in a sample of first responders. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Beltran, S., Yalim, A., Morris, A.**, & Taylor, L. (2023). Emerging social workers during COVID-19: Exploring perceived readiness and training needs. Journal of Social Work, 23(3), 428–442.

Draper, S.** & Chapple, R.L. (2023). Resistance as a Foundational Commons: Intersectionality, Transfeminism, and the Future of Critical Feminism. Affilia: Feminist Inquiry in Social Work.

Kusmaul, N., Roberts, A. R., Hector, P., Galambos, C., Zimmerman, S., Bern-Klug, M., Connolly, R., Wang, X., & Herman, C. (2023). Social Workers Critical to Honoring Commitments to Residents and Families in Long-Term Care. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 1–11. Advance online publication.

Lee, E., Park, Y.**, Li, D.*, Rodriguez, A., Wang, X., & Zhang, W. C. (2023). Antidepressant use and lung cancer risk and survival: A meta-analysis of observational studies. Cancer Research Communications 3(6) 1013-1025.

Lu, S. ‘Villagers in the city’: Resilience in migrant youth amidst urbanization. British Journal of Social Work.

Lyu, R., & Lu, S. The Efficacy of a Mindfulness-Based Therapeutic Parenting Group for Parents with Adverse Childhood Experiences: a Randomized Controlled Trial.

Ng, S.M., Lu, S., Wang, A., Lo, K-C., Fok, H-K., & Li, H.Y. Enhancing intergroup relationship between local and mainland college students in Hong Kong – an intensive contact-based intervention. Current Psychology.

O’Connor, J., Ganson, K. T., Ladonice, S.** & Cardenas, I.** (2023). Patterns of violence victimization and disclosure among transgender/gender non-conforming and cisgender Latinx college students. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 1 28(7-8), 6017-6037.

O’Connor, J., Nikolova, K., Cardenas, I., & Snyder, S. (2023). The mediating effect of traditional gender beliefs on the relationship between gender disparities and intimate partner violence perpetration. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, 32(1-2), 53-70.

O’Connor, J., Smith, L.**, Woerner, J., & Khan, A.* (2023). Protective factors for sexual violence perpetration among high school and college students: A systematic review. Online first. Trauma, Violence & Abuse.

Schuman, D, Whitworth, J.D., Ponder, W., J., Galusha, J., Carbajal, J., Shahan, K., & Jetelina, K. (2023). Differences in resilience and mental health symptoms among first responders with secure and insecure attachment. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Wang, X., Beltran, S., Burns, R.**, Hamel, M.**, Gray, S.**, & Gryglewicz, K. (2023). Suicide risk help-seeking among middle-to old-age adults: A systematic review. Innovation in Aging, 7(1).

Yalim, A.C., & Chapple, R. (2023). Meanings of resilience and mental health in a refugee context: Voices of Syrian refugees. Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work.W

Yalim, A.C., & Critelli, F. (2023) Gender roles among Syrian Refugees in Resettlement Contexts: Revisiting the Idea of Empowerment of Refugee Women and Needs of Refugee Men. Women’s Studies International Forum, 96.

Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD)

Daly, T. (2023). Book Review: Navigating Autism: 9 Mindsets For Helping Kids on the Spectrum.
Journal of Psychiatric Practice 29(3):p 264-265.

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