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Graduation Spotlight: Kamryn Fuqua, Social Work

Written By: Lasha Markham | December 14, 2023

Kamryn Fuqua in cap and gownMeet Kamryn Fuqua. She saw her peers at her high school have struggles that prompted the addition of a school social worker her senior year. Megan, the social worker, was the reason Fuqua chose to pursue psychology, and eventually switch to social work. That same school social worker is now her mentor as she prepares to follow the same footsteps and pursue a dream of one day also helping students in schools.

Hometown: Melbourne, FL

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Social Work


What will you be doing after graduation?

I plan to continue my education through the Master of Social Work program at UCF next year and following that will pursue licensure as a clinical social work.

What are your long-term career plans?

After graduation with my master’s I plan on entering the career field as soon as possible. I am interested in the field of applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy but would be happy to work with children and families in any capacity. My dream position is as a school social worker, but social work is a very broad field and I would love to explore other options, as well. After some time working in the social work field, I hope to be involved in research.

What accomplishment from your time at UCF are you most proud of?

The accomplishment that I am most proud of is graduating summa cum laude. Balancing a part-time job and an internship with full-time school took sacrifices, but it is very rewarding to see those sacrifices pay off.

Group of social work students - including Kamryn Fuqua - standing in an officeWhat did you love the most about your time at UCF?

My favorite thing about my time at UCF has been the sense of community that comes with being a member of the student body. The feeling of being surrounded by other students is very supportive and I feel so grateful for the friends and memories I have made. My final semester at UCF has been especially memorable because it was my little sister’s first semester as a Knight, and spending time together as fellow students has been so special.

What was your favorite class, professor, or experience at UCF?

My favorite class at UCF was Micro Level Roles and Interventions in Social Work with Instructor Russell Rossilini. This course got into the nitty-gritty of practice techniques and made social work feel very “real” for me. I am very grateful to have been taught by such an amazing professor who gave valuable feedback and cared about building up the next generation of social workers.

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