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Redesigning Student Success: Five Faculty Receive Funding for Interprofessional Education Project

Written By: Camille Dolan '98 | September 13, 2021

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Jennifer Tucker, Nancy McIntyre, Nancy Harrington, Carolyn Buchanan and Julie Feuerstein recently collaborated on an interprofessional grant to improve student outcomes.

Five academic and clinical faculty members recently received funding through the Digital Learning Course Redesign Initiative to collaborate across disciplines on a project to turn existing graduate courses into new blended or online modalities.

The team, comprising CSD Carolyn Buchanan, Julie Feuerstein, Nancy Harrington and Nancy McIntyre; and DPT faculty Jennifer Tucker, began the project earlier this year, after receiving notification from UCF’s Division of Digital Learning that their project proposal had been approved.

Earlier this year, the team received the maximum allowable amount of $24,500 for the first year of the digital course redesign, which includes funding for course assistants, instructional materials, and funding for conference presentations.. Their timeline involves redesign of five classes to meet the mixed-modality requirement of the funding, implementation and assessment of the courses, and ways to scale up the courses to include integration and community partners.

The goal is to improve student learning by leveraging the benefits of online, blended, adaptive, and active learning.

“We already have natural synergies ,” says Assistant Professor Julie Feuerstein. “By focusing on transdisciplinary assessment and intervention for individuals with complex communication, language, literacy and motor needs, we will not only better prepare our students for the workforce, but we will also give them a better educational experience overall.”

To help fund student scholarships, faculty excellence and innovative programming.

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