Faculty and Staff

  • D.P.T.
  • PCS
Research Interests
  • Physical activity in children
  • Physical activity in children with special needs/chronic disease
  • Effective parent education
  • Service delivery models for pediatric physical therapy
  • UCF Helps Launch Go Baby Go! in Belgium for Children with Limited Mobility
    The first Belgian chapter of Go Baby Go!, an outreach program that works to give children with mobility impairments more freedom, launched this week thanks to the help of the...
  • UCF Provides Modified Kiddie Cars to Special Toddlers, Only the Beginning
    Barnabas Dowdell was born with Down syndrome, and moving his lower body is a challenge. So his mom was astonished when the 13-month-old drove his new retrofitted motorized toy racecar...
  • Kids with Developmental Disabilities to Have Field Day All Their Own
    Playing is a big part of being a kid. But for children with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and other physical and developmental disabilities, it can be tough to find...