Faculty and Staff

Jennifer Tucker is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Program of Physical Therapy at the University of Central Florida.  She is board certified in pediatrics by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS).  Tucker is the Director of UCF Go Baby Go and Co-Director of the IMOVE lab.  Her research focuses on community embedded interventions to promote play and participation in children with and without disabilities.  Current projects focus on the impact of  mobility devices including modified ride on cars and harness systems for children and adults on communication, social interactions, quality of life, and functional mobility.  Tucker has published and presented nationally on promoting early mobility, interprofessional education, and participation in children with and without disabilities.

  • BS, Bachelor of Science, Psychology, University of Alabama
  • MS, Master of Science, Master of Science in Physical Therapy, University of Indianapolis
  • PT, Licensed Physical Therapist
  • DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of South Alabama
  • PCS, Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy, American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties
Areas of Specialty
  • Physical activity in children
  • Physical activity in children with special needs/chronic disease
  • Effective parent education
  • Service delivery models for pediatric physical therapy
Research Lab Affiliations
  • Movement Matters: Go Baby Go! and St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital are Partnering to Provide Low-Cost Mobility Solutions for Children with Disabilities
    Written By: Camille Dolan '98 | March 19, 2021
    Nearly six years ago, Ava Brown drove her first UCF Go Baby Go! car, and she is still racking up miles. These days, however, she is walking — something her...
  • Go Baby Go! Partners with Engineering and Computer Science Seniors to Enhance Toy Cars as Mobility Devices
    Written By: Camille Dolan '98 | February 8, 2021
    Four teams of seniors in the College of Engineering and Computer Science will help drive innovation by working with UCF Go Baby Go! to enhance the technology used in its adaptive ride-on toy cars.  The students included representatives from all...
  • UCF Go Baby Go! Builds New Partnership with St. Joseph Children’s Hospital
    Written By: Drexler B. James '13 | November 13, 2020
    UCF Go Baby Go! builds more than innovative motorized cars that increase mobility in children, it also builds community by bringing children of all mobility levels together. Through a new...
  • Tracking Progress: High-School Student Brings Technology to Go Baby Go!
    Written By: Camille Dolan | July 29, 2020
    At 15, Will Johnson is not quite old enough to drive one of the high-performance cars serviced by his father’s company, JMS Chip. However, he and his father, Christopher Johnson,...
  • Harnessing Power: UCF’s Aphasia House and Knights on the Go Café is helping people like Larry Lentz Jr. improve their mobility, language and social skills.
    Written By: Camille Dolan | April 1, 2020
    Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes, they wear harnesses. When Larry Lentz Jr. wears his harness in the Knights on the Go Café, he glides from cash register to refrigerator, serving...
  • Go Baby Go Chapters Set Goal of 30,000 Assistive Toy Cars Per Year
    Written By: Megan Pabian | October 14, 2019
    They came from across the country, but they were united in their mission to help handicapped children and adults improve their lives through better mobility. Representatives from 13 chapters of...
  • Donation Helps Go Baby Go! Go Far
    Written By: Camille Dolan '98 | September 19, 2019
    Thanks to Variety – The Children’s Charity of Florida, children like Evan will have a better quality of life through increased mobility. Shortly after Evan was born, his mother, Casey...
  • Lake Highland Prep Students Impact Lives by Upgrading Toy Cars
    Written By: Downtown Community Paper | January 16, 2019
    Students from the robotics program at Lake Highland Preparatory School cheered on toddlers who were testing out their new toy vehicles, but these were not your average Fisher-Price cars. Over...
  • UCF Helps Launch Go Baby Go! in Belgium for Children with Limited Mobility
    Written By: Rachel Williams | October 25, 2017
    The first Belgian chapter of Go Baby Go!, an outreach program that works to give children with mobility impairments more freedom, launched this week thanks to the help of the...
  • UCF, Orlando Health Team up to Help Children Vroom Vroom
    Written By: Zenaida Gonzalez Kotala | June 16, 2017
    The University of Central Florida and Orlando Health are teaming up today to give some children with limited mobility a little bit of independence. Orlando Health is sponsoring a UCF Go...
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