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A Message from Our Dean on Our Commitment to Stand Up for What Is Right

Written By: Christopher D. Ingersoll | June 4, 2020

Dear CHPS students, faculty and staff-

The heartbreaking events of the past week emphasize the significant and persistent racial injustices that exist in our nation. I share in your feelings of outrage, grief and fear. While words are not the action needed right now, I want to express my commitment, and the commitment of CHPS, to be actively anti-racist.

Our fields are steadfastly dedicated to improving human life, in every aspect. We uphold fairness, dignity and respect as basic human rights. If there are better ways of doing things, we must do it. If there are difficult conversations that can lead to better outcomes, we must have them. If we can represent those whose voices are not heard, we must speak up. We must find ways to contribute to positive change.

CHPS commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and integrity is reflected in our strategic plan, which is being finalized now and we hope to share with the world soon. Achieving our goals as a university, college, and as professionals is inherent to upholding these values — not only in our own actions, but by actively speaking out against all forms of discrimination.  

Meaningful change starts with meaningful conversation. I hope you participate in the virtual conversation about race and unity hosted by UCF this Friday to share your stories, concerns, thoughts and opinions.

Please take care of yourself and one another. There are a variety of UCF resources to support students, faculty and staff now and year-round. With empathy and understanding we can begin to build a better tomorrow for all.


Christopher D. Ingersoll

Founding Dean

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