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The iMove lab at UCF is where research, practice and community engagement come together. Through the variety of programs offered, the iMove lab advances treatment for gait, movement, and balance disorders by rethinking clinical services and how care is delivered. Our mission is to:

  • To be the leader in providing clinical services to individuals with mobility impairments across the lifespan
  • To conduct cutting-edge research in order to inform evidence-based practice regarding balance and gait disorders
  • To cultivate community partnerships to facilitate active engagement in interprofessional education and service to Central Florida
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UCF Go Baby Go!

This national, community-based research, design and outreach program provides accessible, inexpensive and common sense solutions for kids and adults with limited mobility.

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Keeping Them on Their Feet

In this balance and gait disorders clinic, our researchers explore programs and innovative clinical treatments to help maintain and improve the movement of individuals.

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Grow and Play

Grow and Play is an intergenerational physical activity program that examines the effects on physical activity, intergenerational attitudes, and mood by bring together older adults and children.

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Challenge Me!

This program helps those with dementia improve their cognitive, physical, and psychological well-being through both mental and physical interventions.

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Assistive Device Technology

Through low-cost innovative solutions, we develop and deploy technology that advances movement across the lifespan.

Community Involvement

The mission of UCF Go Baby Go! is to provide innovative, accessible, and practical options to improve the lives of individuals with limited mobility. UCF Go Baby Go! is dedicated to interdisciplinary research, community outreach, and advocacy for children and adults with motor impairments. Our goal is to provide meaningful opportunities for mobility, participation, and play for individuals of all abilities.

Grow and Play is an intergenerational physical activity program which aims to promote social engagement for older adults and children. This pilot project was initiated for the development and implementation of a physical activity program with examination of effects on physical activity, intergenerational attitudes, and mood.

Grow and Play received grant funding of $4,900 in February 2017 through the LIFE @ UCF Richard Tucker Applied Gerontology grant.

During our Fun Fridays, infants and children up to 5 years old are able to use the portable harness system to help facilitate mobility and play while also promoting gross motor skills and interaction with their environment.

Our Team

Nicole Dawson's profile picture at UCF

Nicole Dawson, PT, Ph.D., GCS-Emeritus

Associate Professor
Exercise Physiology & Rehabilitation Science, Physical Therapy
Location: HS I Room: 258A
Phone: 407-823-1863
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Jennifer Tucker, PT, DPT, PCS

Clinical Associate Professor
Exercise Physiology & Rehabilitation Science, Physical Therapy
Location: HS I Room: 263
Phone: 407-823-3461


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