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The Anatomical Sciences Graduate Certificate provides students with coursework to become an effective anatomist in higher education fields related to health and medical sciences. The program provides a depth of understanding of the anatomical sciences and substantial hands-on experience in the gross anatomy laboratory. The amount and level of coursework offers students the rigorous training to develop distinct expertise in anatomy knowledge, dissection technique, and instruction requisite for careers as an anatomist in health or medical science education.

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Benefits of Certificate

Graduates of the Anatomical Sciences Graduate Certificate will have completed > 18 credit hours in the anatomical sciences. This benchmark is a requisite standard of regional accreditation to allow the graduate to be certified to be an anatomy instructor/professor in higher education depending on target student population for instruction (graduate, undergraduate). See SACSCOC Standard 6.2.a (Faculty qualifications) for more details. Further, this curriculum includes robust training to become qualified to administrate a gross anatomy laboratory. This certificate serves as an entry-point for medical and health professionals who seek to transition into a role as an academic educator, or for scientists with a drive to teach the anatomical sciences to future health and medical professionals.

Required Courses: 20 Credit Hours (minimum)

Core (all 4 courses required) – 18 credit hours
PHT 6115CGross Anatomy/Neuroscience I
Human cadaver dissection involving nearly the entire musculoskeletal system. Added emphasis on basic neuroscience and central and peripheral nervous system.
6 Credit Hours
PHT 6118CGross Anatomy/Neuroscience II
Human cadaver dissection involving all internal systems / viscera, with in-depth CNS dissection, and basic histology and embryology.
6 Credit Hours
PHT 6510Administration of Anatomical Sciences Laboratory
Planning and management of a human cadaver laboratory included safety planning, policies and procedures, formaldehyde testing, anatomical board certification, etc.
3 Credit Hours
PHT 6119LSeminar in Anatomical Sciences Techniques
Participating in enhanced dissection techniques and instruction / assistance of graduate students in dissection techniques.
3 Credit Hours
Electives (Choose 1 course from following) – 2-4 credit hours
APK6102Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology
Overview of functional anatomy and fundamental movements from a biomechanical perspective.
3 Credit Hours
APK6107Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology
Examination of cardiovascular function at rest and in response to acute aerobic and resistance exercise. Discussion of chronic exercise adaptations and common pathologies.
3 Credit Hours
ANG 5525CHuman Osteology
The human skeleton and the methodology and techniques involved in the anthropological assessment of skeleton remains.
4 Credit Hours
ANG 6520CAdvanced Human Osteology
Advanced seminar on methods and theory pertaining to the study of the human skeleton.
3 Credit Hours
BSC 5665Clinical Embryology and Congenital Malformations
Functional, clinically oriented human embryology focusing on development, genetics, and environmental and chemical factors.
3 Credit Hours
PHT 5125Clinical Kinesiology
Science of human movement and anatomical foundations of movement.
2 Credit Hours
PHT 6306Pathology for Rehabilitation Sciences
Anatomical and physiological basis for disease processes, their etiology, and physical presentation.
2 Credit Hours
ZOO 5758CVertebrate Histology
Microscopic anatomy with functional and developmental considerations of major tissues types and organs, and a survey of microscopic technique.
4 Credit Hours

Required Curriculum Sequence (4-5 semesters)

Year 1 - Summer C
PHT 6115CGross Anatomy/Neuroscience I6 Credit Hours
Year 1 - Fall
PHT 6118CGross Anatomy/Neuroscience II6 Credit Hours
Year 1/2– Spring/Summer
Elective course2-4 Cr Hours
Year 2 - Summer or Fall
PHT 6510Administration of Anatomical Sciences Laboratory3 Credit Hours
PHT 6119LSeminar in Anatomical Sciences Techniques3 Credit Hours


Admission is open to those who have completed a graduate program in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or other related health or medical science-related disciplines. Alternatively, those with a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution and having earned a GPA of at least 3.5 in the following pre-requisite coursework will be considered:

  • Anatomy or Anatomy & Physiology (8 credits total with labs)
  • Physics (8 credits total with labs)
  • Biology (6 credits minimum)
  • Chemistry (6 credits minimum)

The Anatomical Science Graduate Certificate only enrolls for Summer semester start. Application deadline is April 1 each year. When applying, students are NOT required to submit references or GRE scores. All other information in the graduate application is required.


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