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UCF Physical Therapy

White Coat Ceremony

physical therapy white coat ceremony

The UCF Doctor of Physical Therapy Program has been hosting the White Coat Ceremony since 2009. This ceremony marks the transition of our doctoral students from the didactic portion of the curriculum, which focuses on basic and clinical sciences, to the clinical portion, which emphasizes full-time internships and evidence-based practice. This event takes place in the second year of the program, just prior to students entering their first full-time clinical internship.

Hooding Ceremony

UCF physical therapy hooding ceremony

The DPT program has been hosting its own doctoral Hooding Ceremony since 2010. This ceremony allows the program to formally recognize the achievements of its graduating students who will be entering the distinguished profession of physical therapy. The event features a keynote speaker, a recitation of the professional oath of physical therapy practice, and the presentation of student awards, including those in Professional Service, Research Excellence, Clinical Excellence and Academic Achievement. Following the event, the students attend the university graduation ceremony, in which all doctoral candidates are hooded on stage by their advisors and the college’s dean.

In the United States, academic tradition requires the graduate degree hood to be lined with the official colors of the institution granting the degree, and it be lined with the specific branch or learning it signifies. Physical therapy is nationally represented by the color teal.

Open House

The DPT program hosts in-person Open House events once a year. This is an opportunity for prospective students to learn about the program, tour the facilities, meet the faculty, and ask questions of the admissions chair and current students. We also occasionally hold Virtual Open House events during the fall and spring semesters.

If you are unable to attend an Open House, schedule an individualized advising session by emailing [email protected]. Also, check out the virtual tour of the program’s facilities.

September 1st from 12pm-3:30pm

Capstone Research Forum

UCF physical therapy capstone research forum

As part of the curriculum, DPT students are required to complete a unique research project in a small group under the supervision of a faculty advisor. This project is designed to expand the breadth of scholarly knowledge within the discipline of physical therapy. Students work on this project throughout the duration of the program. This project culminates in the Capstone Research Forum during the last semester of the program, when students present their research to their classmates, faculty members, local clinicians and alumni. Many students go on to present their research at UCF’s Graduate Research Forum and national physical therapy conferences.

Career Fair

UCF physical therapy career fair

The DPT program hosts an annual Career Fair for its students. The event is an opportunity for students to connect in person with many physical therapy employers and to learn about an employer’s recruitment and hiring process. This exclusive event allows for valuable networking and job preparation.

Let’s Ignite Activity Day

The DPT program hosts an annual Field Day to promote a healthy lifestyle by creating a fun and memorable day for children with physical and developmental disabilities and their families. The day includes music, individual games and activities, and high-profile visitors from the campus and Central Florida community. DPT students launched this event in 2013, and current students take great pride in hosting it for the community each spring.

Alumni Events

UCF physical therapy alumni events

UCF physical therapy alumni have the opportunity to remain connected through events hosted by the DPT program. Events may include professional development activities such as conferences, career panels and guest lectures/labs, or social events such as picnics. Both types of events offer opportunities to reminisce and stay connected with faculty members and fellow alumni, as well as to meet current students. Alumni can remain connected by sending up-to-date contact information to [email protected].

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