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The Innovative Mobility Initiative (IMOVE) Lab conducts research that informs clinical services for individuals with mobility impairments. Through programs and community partnerships, the IMOVE lab extends its research into practice.

The components of the lab include:

  • UCF Go Baby Go! : providing innovative accessible, and practical options to improve the lives of individuals with limited mobility, including the Knights on the Go Cafe
  • Keeping Them on Their Feet: a balance and gait disorders clinic
  • Grow and Play: an intergenerational physical activity program
  • Challenge Me!: interventions aimed to improve cognitive, physical, and psychological well-being of individuals with dementia
  • Assistive Device Technology
Musculoskeletal Research Lab

Musculoskeletal Research Lab

Through an interdisciplinary approach, the Musculoskeletal Research Laboratory focuses on clinically-relevant research that improves clinical outcomes and identifies the most accurate and efficient approach to treating various neuromusculoskeletal conditions. The lab serves as a site for research investigations to answer clinical questions and evaluate examination and treatment for musculoskeletal conditions.

Neuromuscular Plasticity Lab

Neuromuscular Plasticity Lab

The Neuromuscular Plasticity Laboratory performs cutting-edge research to better understand the neuromuscular adaptations associated with strength training, muscle fatigue, aging and disuse. We strive to serve as a collaborative think tank for researchers and clinicians, and we seek partnerships and opportunities statewide, nationally and internationally. We want our laboratory concepts and findings to support or challenge existing protocols used to prevent disease and improve human performance.

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