Faculty and Staff

James Whitworth

Associate Professor
Social Work
Location: HPA I Room: 254
Phone: 407-823-6136

Jacqueline Withers

Associate Instructor, Director of Field Education
Social Work
Location: HPA I Room: 228
Phone: 407-823-5716

L. Timothy Worrell

Health Sciences
Location: HPA I Room: 267
Phone: 407-823-5236

Eileen Wray

Education and Training Programs Coordinator
Center for Autism and Related Disabilities
Location: Research Pavilion Room: 365
Phone: 407-823-6027

Bonnie Yegidis

Professor, School of Social Work Director
Social Work
Location: HPA I Room: 204A
Phone: 407-823-2208

Richard Zraick

ASHA Fellow, Professor, School Director
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Location: HPA II Room: Suite 101
Phone: 407-823-4795