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Carlos Gual's profile picture at UCF

Carlos Gual, MS, LAT, ATC

Associate Instructor, Clinical Education Coordinator
Athletic Training
Location: HS II Room: 118
Phone: 407-823-1407
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Christopher Ingersoll, Ph.D., LAT, ATC

Athletic Training, Dean's Office, Exercise Physiology & Rehabilitation Science
Location: HS I Suite: 365
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Kim MacLennan, BS

Academic Services Coordinator II
Athletic Training
Location: HS II Room: 119
Phone: 407-823-2747
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L. Colby Mangum, Ph.D., MEd, LAT, ATC

Assistant Professor
Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology & Rehabilitation Science
Location: HS II
Areas of Specialty:
  • Lumbopelvic-Hip Complex Muscle Function
  • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging
  • Core Stability and Athletic Function
  • Innovative Assessment and Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain, Patellofemoral Pain
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Jennifer Plant, EdD, LAT, ATC

Associate Lecturer
Athletic Training
Location: HS II Room: 122
Phone: 407-823-5232
Areas of Specialty:
  • Role strain of graduate and post-graduate athletic training students
  • Scapular dyskinesis in overhead athletes
  • Changes in lower extremity biomechanics following chronic ankle sprains
  • Perceptions of barriers in the implementation of evidence based practice among athletic training clinical instructors
  • Best methods for transitioning young athletic training professionals into a clinical practice environment - both from the professional education side and the employer side
Kristen Couper Schellhase's profile picture at UCF

Kristen Couper Schellhase, EdD, LAT, ATC

Associate Lecturer, Program Director
Athletic Training
Location: HS II Room: 121
Phone: 407-823-3463
Areas of Specialty:
  • Organization & Administration in Athletic Training
  • AT Knowledge of Therapeutic Modalities
  • AT Education

Graduate Assistants

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Luk Devorski
Doctoral GA

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