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UCF School of Social Work Celebrates Class of 2022

Written By: UCF School of Social Work | May 9, 2022

BSW student in graduation regalia hugging woman.
BSW and MSW class of 2022 were honored at the UCF School of Social Work Graduation Celebration.

The UCF School of Social Work held a graduation celebration on May 5 to honor the class of 2022 Bachelor (BSW) and Master (MSW) of Social Work graduates. Students were supported by their family and friends, Social Work faculty, and CHPS Founding Dean Ingersoll.

Awards were distributed to students who showed academic success and service achievements throughout the year.

Congratulations to all the recipients and graduates!

Click to view pictures from the BSW and the MSW graduation celebration.

BSW Awards

Recognition of Academic Achievement

  • Summa Cum Laude (Overall GPA 3.9 or above): Madison Kelleher
  • Magna Cum Laude (overall GPA 3.8-3.9): Connie Driver, Adison Buongiorno-Smith, and Allya Henry
  • Cum Laude (overall GPA 3.5-3.7): Maria Vargas, Rachel Detrick, Susyren Pena, Amaya Mendez, Brianna Cohen, Naomi Litwak, Melanie Henderson, Angelica Santana, and Joseph Williams

Student Peer Awards, students were nominated and selected by their BSW peers.

  • Service: Rachel Detrick
  • Social Justice: Felix Suarez
  • Dignity & Worth of the Person: Alexander Moyer and Samuelle Henry
  • Importance of Human Relationships: Loren Brunicardi and Madison Kelleher
  • Integrity: Tanner Justis
  • Culturally Responsive: Joseph Williams

Service Recognitions

Bachelor of Social Work Student Association (BSWSA) Awards: Rachel Detrick (President) and Rashel Avila (Treasurer)

Phi Alpha Honor Society Students: Rashel Avila, Kristen Belinsky, Kyra Jones, Stephanie Mouag, Amiyah Murphy-Allison, Cinnamen Neal, Melody Pena, Susyren Pena, Isabella Scapeccchi, Allison Schnoor, and Felix Suarez.

MSW Awards

National Association of Social Workers Peer Awards, students were nominated and selected by their MSW peers.

  • Service Award: Dalena Phan
  • Social Justice Award: Mara Conover
  • Dignity Award: Cassie Shultz
  • Human Relationships Award: Katherine Cabrera, Dominique Redhead, and Heather Meyer
  • Integrity Award: Kelsey Boyd, Laura Henderson
  • Competence Award: Diane Denesca

Service Recognitions

Master of Social Work Student Association (MSWSA): Rachel Bridewell (Treasurer) and Nicola Prichard- (Public Relations Officer)

Phi Alpha Social Work Honor Society- Nu Pi Chapter: Rachel Bridewell (President), Nicola Prichard (Vice President), Shonda Salisbury (Secretary), and Memona Zafar (Membership Coordinator)

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