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Jennifer and Matthew Laws are November’s Athletic Training Preceptors of the Month

The Laws are dedicated to making sure students achieve success. They always set aside time for scholarship, teaching moments and student competency requirements. They work late to accommodate student schedules and they make sure students have all the learning opportunities they need to become successful athletic trainers after graduation.

Written By: Kim MacLennan | December 6, 2019

Matthew and Jennifer holding preceptor of the month certificates.
Matthew and Jennifer Laws, athletic trainers at West Orange High School, are November's Athletic Training Preceptors of the Month

We are excited to announce two Preceptors of the Month for November 2019 – Matthew and Jennifer Laws!

Matt and Jennifer started dating in their teens. They were both accepted into the UCF Athletic Training Program, and they married after graduating in 2006.  Matt was hired as the head athletic trainer for Wekiva High School, and he eventually transferred to West Orange High School where he has been employed for the last 4+ years.

Jennifer worked as an athletic trainer and teacher with Orange County Public Schools, and later worked at Orlando Sports Medicine Group as an athletic trainer/PT Extender for several years. She took an athletic training position with West Orange High School in 2017 where she now works alongside Matt taking care of athletes and educating students.

As soon as their names are mentioned, accolades for the Laws start flowing: Dynamic duo. Passionate. Dedicated. Funny. Great role models. Excellent teachers.

The Laws are highly regarded and very engaged in the profession of athletic training, and their passion shows in everything they do.  They attend conferences and other continuing education events to stay on top of the latest developments in patient care, and they share what they’ve learned with our athletic training students. They also consistently reinforce the fact that athletic trainers are highly skilled healthcare providers.

Sarah Hammer, a senior in the program, nominated the Laws because she said, “they are the best and most caring preceptors I have ever worked with.” They encourage students to be their best, within the profession and in their personal lives. Even though they both have easy going personalities, excellence is clearly expected.

The program is proud that our graduates are working hard to educate current students and promote the profession. Congratulations, Matt and Jennifer, on a career well done!

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