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Graduation Spotlight: Bonnie Kerlin, Kinesiology

Written By: Lasha Markham | December 18, 2023
Meet Bonnie Kerlin. She is a performer, turned strength and conditioning specialist, turned entrepreneur. She’s been showcasing her talents on stage since she was 18 and has been with Universal...

Graduation Spotlight: Jillian Weathington, Health Sciences

Written By: Stella Canfield | December 15, 2023
Meet Jillian Weathington. She knew she wanted to attend medical school eventually and chose health sciences to fulfill the prerequisites. She aspires to be a medical professional who works against...

Graduation Spotlight: Kamryn Fuqua, Social Work

Written By: Stella Canfield | December 14, 2023
Meet Kamryn Fuqua. She saw her peers at her high school have struggles that prompted the addition of a school social worker her senior year. Megan, the social worker, was...

Graduation Spotlight: Sydney Martinez, Health Sciences

Written By: Stella Canfield | December 13, 2023
Meet Sydney Martinez. Born and raised in Orlando, she grew up living only two minutes away from campus, which she says made UCF feel like home. Her dream was always...

Graduation Spotlight: John Pinette, Kinesiology

Written By: Stella Canfield | December 12, 2023
Meet John Pinette. He coached CrossFit in his free time as a first-year engineering student and found he has a passion for movement and fitness. He started helping clients with...

Graduation Spotlight: Kayla Neher, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Written By: Stella Canfield | December 11, 2023
Meet Kayla Neher ‘21. She is a soon-to-be two-time UCF alumna. First, a Bachelor of Science in communication sciences and disorders and this time with a Master of Science in...

Graduation Spotlight: Bethany Bradshaw, Kinesiology

Written By: Stella Canfield | December 10, 2023
Meet Bethany Bradshaw. The Order of Pegasus recipient is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology with hopes of becoming a physical therapist one day. She originally came to UCF...

Graduation Spotlight: Alfonso Tejeira, Kinesiology

Written By: Stella Canfield | August 14, 2023
Meet Alfonso Tejeira. He isn’t the most traditional college student, but that certainly did not stop him from pursuing his dreams. After graduating from high school in Panama City, Panama...

Graduation Spotlight: Luk Devorski, Kinesiology

Written By: Stella Canfield | August 9, 2023
Meet Luk Devorski. His father was in the sports industry and his mother, healthcare. When he came to college, he knew he wanted to find a way to bridge the...

Graduation Spotlight: Parker Baro, Health Sciences

Written By: Stella Canfield | August 8, 2023
Meet Parker Baro. This graduate of the Class of 2023 is a certified pharmacy technician and worked for a small local pharmacy during his time at UCF. He had the...

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