Evaluation of a VAriable Resistance Suit (VARS) for Muscle Hypertrophy

Evaluation of a VAriable Resistance Suit (VARS) for Muscle Hypertrophy

We invite you to take part in a research study to investigate the ability of a VAriable Resistance Suit (VARS) to induce muscle hypertrophy (increase in muscle strength, mass, and size).

We expect you to participate in this research for a total of 32 hours across 27 visits, three assessment sessions (BL, S1, and S2), and 24 training sessions. Each training session will be 1 hour (a total of 24 hours) during which you will complete 6 sets of 10 reps of flexion and extension of your non-dominant arm and leg. The BL session will be four hours long, two hours for assessment, and two hours for device validation, whereas the other two assessment sessions (S1 and S2) will be two hours each.
For the assessment sessions, you will undergo:

  • Ultrasound scanning for muscle size measurement,
  • Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) for muscle mass measurement,
  • Sensor instrumentation for muscle activation and joints kinematic (position, velocity, and acceleration) data collection, and
  • A dynamometer test for muscle strength measurement.

For Device Validation Test (one time only) VARS will be placed (put) on your non-dominant arm and leg. You will then be asked to flex/extend your arm three times for each of the eight resistance configurations. These are settings on the VARS that determine how much strength is needed for the requested movements. This will be repeated at three different speeds. The same procedure will be repeated for the knee.

Inclusion Qualifications:

  • Healthy untrained male between the ages of 18-35 years old
  • Willingness to comply with exercise requirements
  • Willingness to perform strength testing and undergo muscle ultrasound scanning
  • Have no other major underlying health concerns and circumstances as described in the pre-enrollment health screen administered before enrollment

Exclusion Qualifications:

You may not participate in this research opportunity if any of the following applies to you:
  • Have history of extensive physical and athletic training, or have been on professional sports teams, or currently in a structured weight training program
  • Have current or history of back, leg, or arm injury or conditions, including surgical treatment/intervention
  • Have neurological disorders or physical impairment that can affect upper or lower limb movements
  • Have existing cardiovascular or respiratory conditions

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UCF IRB#: STUDY00004226
PI: Joon-Hyuk Park
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Recruitment End Date:
September 1, 2022
4000 Central Florida Blvd
Room 313
Orlando, FL 32816
Time Commitment:
Number of visits: 27
Expected time per visit: 1 hours
Type: $50 in Gift Cards
Point of Contact:
Ibrahim Kadhim
Faculty Advisors:
Jeffrey Stout
Associated Units:
Exercise Physiology & Rehabilitation Science
Related Tags:
Short URL:

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