Research Roundup: Recent Publications By CHPS Faculty Spring 2020

Written By: David Janosik | June 28, 2020

Our faculty pursue big ideas and share what they learn by publishing their research to advance the profession. As part of an institution designated as “very high” research activity by the Carnegie Foundation, our published research exemplifies our goal to make a collective impact.

Here are the most recent publications by UCF College of Health Professions and Sciences faculty from February 2020 to June 2020.

* Undergraduate student
** Graduate student

School of Social Work

Backes, B.L., Fedina, L. & Holmes, J.L. (2020) The criminal justice system response to intimate partner stalking: A systematic review of quantitative and qualitative research. Journal of Family Violence, 35, 665–678.

Backes, B., Johnson, L., Postmus, J. (2020). Guest editor introduction: Special issue on intimate partner stalking. Journal of Family Violence, 35, 659-663.

Maxwell, C.D.,Sullivan, T.P., Backes, B. L., Kaufman, J.S. (2020) New Approaches to Policing High-Risk Intimate Partner Victims and Offenders. NIJ Journal.

*Sualp, K., *Forgetta, S., Anderson, K. M., Revell, J., & Godbee, B. (2020 on-line). “Let’s not talk about it:” A mixed-methods study of multiple perspectives on service barriers and recommendations for Black sexual assault survivors.  Journal of Social Service Research, 47(1), 118-130.

Entress, R.M., & Anderson, K.M. (2020) The Politics of Health Care: Health Disparities, the Affordable Care Act, and Solutions for Success, Social Work in Public Health, 35:4, 152-162.

Childs, K.K., Gryglewicz, K., & Elligson, R. (2020). An assessment of the utility of the youth mental health first aid training: Effectiveness, satisfaction, and universality. Community Mental Health Journal, 56(8), 1581-1591.

Molina, O., Nyiransekuye, H., & Jacinto, G. A. (2020). Use of the Labyrinth in Mutual-Aid Group work. Groupwork, 28(3), 70-87.

*Hamler, T., English, S., Beltran, S. J., & Miller, V. J. (2020). A reflection of and charge to gerontological social work: Past pandemics and the current COVID-19 Crisis. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 63:6-7, 577-579.

Bin-Nashwan, S.A., Abdul-Jabbar, H., Dziegielewski, S.F. & Aziz, S.A. (2020). Moderating effect of perceived behavioral control on Islamic tax (Zakah): Compliance behavior among businessmen in Yemen, Journal of Social Service Research, Published on-line.

Chakales, P. A., Locklear, J., & Wharton, T. (2020). Medicine and Horsemanship: The Effects of Equine-assisted Activities and Therapies on Stress and Depression in Medical Students. Cureus, 12(2), e6896.

Sun, F., Chima, E., Wharton, T., Iyenger, V. (2020). National policy actions on dementia in the Americas and Asia-Pacific: Consensus and challenges. Pan American Journal of Public Health.

Wharton, T, Cubillos-Novella, A., & **Sualp, K., (2020) Promoting healthcare access and addressing systemic intergenerational health disparities in toxic environments. Chapter 17 in: Fiedler, B. (Ed.) Three facets of public health and paths to improvements. Elsevier Publishers: ISBN 978-0-12-819008-1

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