Athletic Training

Julia Phillips, Second-Year, Athletic Training Student

Written By: Drexler B. James '13 | October 8, 2020

Julia Phillips Headshot

What made you decide to apply for the UCF MAT Program?

Phillips: I went to UCF for my undergraduate degree in health sciences, pre-clinical and graduated in 2018. UCF is an amazing campus with a great community and programs. When I found out there was an athletic training program, I thought ‘I have to apply here.’ I fell in love with the program during my undergraduate years.

What has your experience been like in the athletic training program?

Phillips: Classes have been really great. The classes are really small, so you can get that one-on-one experience with the professors. The coursework sometimes is tough, but they push you a lot to make you a better clinician. Every day, I learn something new.

What about the camaraderie with your classmates?

Phillips: It’s 12 of us in my cohort and so we have really bonded. I’ve made 12 lifelong friends already.

What are your career aspirations upon graduation?

Phillips: I would like to work in professional sports, specifically rugby, because that’s where my heart lies. As far as right after graduation, I want to work anywhere that will hire me. I played rugby in college during my undergraduate years and I saw people working on the sideline and that’s how I discovered what athletic training was, by seeing what they did in the sport of rugby.

What advice would you give to students considering the Master’s in Athletic Training program?

Phillips: If you are looking for a place where you can have a great community and support system, UCF is a great place. You will learn so much and have such a great experience here.

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