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Knight Life @UCFCHPS Spotlights Health Sciences Internship at CECO

Written By: Heather Lovett | April 28, 2023
Health sciences senior Kathryn Katz aspires to become a physician assistant, and she’s using her time at UCF to learn how to better assist the special populations she’ll encounter as...

UCF Supports Autism Community With Resources, Research

Written By: Rachel Williams ’15 ’20MA | April 12, 2023
UCF faculty conduct cutting-edge research on autism spectrum disorder, discovering innovative ways to better support this community. Through free camps and programs, Central Florida families can benefit from their work.

Fruits & Veggies: What’s the sweet spot of serving sizes?

Written By: Marsha Lewis, Ivanhoe Newswire | April 11, 2023
Most people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables each day to best support their health, and some of that might stem from serving size guidelines being so ambiguous. You may...

Greens Gone Bad: The Dark Side of Drinking Veggies

Written By: Ivanhoe Broadcast News | April 1, 2023
Green juices have taken the media by storm. However, they contain high thallium, goitrogen, and oxalate content. These can cause kidney stones. Store bought juices such as Naked and Bolthouse...

Awardees Announced for 2023 Founders’ Day Faculty Honors Celebration

Written By: Joe Adams | March 31, 2023
UCF’s annual marquee event for faculty on April 5 highlights outstanding teaching, advising, mentoring, research, professional service and librarianship.

Q&A on Mental Health Outcomes

Written By: Heather Hartmann | March 6, 2023
In the March/April 2023 issue of Campus Rec, A’Naja Newsome, Ph.D, ACSM-CEP lecturer of Health Sciences at the University of Central Florida, shared advice on mental health outcomes.

Health Sciences Student Carina McClean Pursues Excellence Through Mentorship

Written By: CHPS Staff | February 20, 2023
Health Sciences student Carina McClean helped establish the UCF chapter of the National Society of Black Women in Medicine (NSBWM) as treasurer in her sophomore year to support Black women...

Research Roundup: Recent Publications By CHPS Faculty 2022

Written By: David Janosik | February 6, 2023
Students at the College of Health Professions and Sciences benefit from faculty who conduct research into a broad number of health and wellness topics, discovering new insights and creating innovation...

How NFL Player Damar Hamlin Tackled the Odds: Health Experts Weigh In

Written By: Heather Lovett | January 23, 2023
A panel of UCF medical and rehabilitation experts discuss what happened, what Hamlin’s physical and mental recovery could look like, and protecting the heart health of athletes.

UCF Nutrition Educator Helps Improve Health at KNIGHTS Clinic

Written By: SUHTLING WONG | January 13, 2023
Patients at a free College of Medicine clinic for Orlando’s disadvantaged are getting nutritional counseling, thanks to the expertise of registered dietician/nutritionist Steven Burroughs, a faculty member in UCF’s College...

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