Master of Science in Kinesiology, MS

UCF Division of Kinesiology

Obtain advanced knowledge in the exploration of human movement and applied exercise physiology

A master’s degree from UCF in kinesiology prepares you with the education and experience to pursue a career in exercise physiology, sport science, strength and conditioning, or to pursue a doctoral degree in a related field. The program emphasizes exercise as medicine, and trains students to apply scientific practices and principles to support health and maximize performance across the lifespan.

The Master of Science in Kinesiology offers a non-thesis track, and a thesis track. Both options require a minimum of 36 credit hours, with at least 18 credit hours of coursework at the 6000 level. All students are automatically placed in the non-thesis track. Students wishing to pursue the thesis option must receive approval from the graduate program director and have a commitment from a faculty member to serve as the thesis committee chair.

Looking to get your Masters at UCF?

Improve People’s Lives through Movement and Exercise

The Division of Kinesiology received the Education Recognition Program distinction for Graduate Strength and Conditioning from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Non-thesis students may pursue practicum opportunities with local healthcare and fitness facilities, sports organizations, and the UCF Sports Science Initiative.

The Anatomical Sciences Graduate Certificate provides an avenue to gain in-depth experience in the anatomy lab and specialized education in anatomical sciences.

Get Hands On Learning

We offer a wide variety of research labs and opportunities to support our mission:

Ultrasound Biofeedback of the Core Muscles in Golfers with Low Back Pain

The main purpose of this research is to compare the effectiveness of traditional instruction to ultrasound feedback to increase thickness of the core muscles….

External Oblique Muscle Testing

The purpose of this study is to determine an appropriate testing position to maximally activate the external oblique muscle….

The Acute Effects of Continuous and Intermittent Blood Flow Restriction on Sprint Interval Performance and Muscle Oxygen Responses

The purpose of this study is to compare the effects of continuous blood flow restriction to intermittent blood flow restriction….

Institute of Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation Science

The institute supports mechanistic and translational research by faculty members and students in the school’s Division of KinesiologyDivision of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training Program. The institute also partners with colleagues from the College of Health Professions and Sciences and Academic Health Sciences Center to contribute to the research mission of the university. With its current resources and faculty expertise, the institute has a broad capacity to advance the fields of exercise and rehabilitation sciences.


National Conferences

The institute proudly presents at numerous national conferences.

Academic Advising

Whether you’re a current or prospective graduate student, we are here to provide advice, assistance and support. The UCF Division of Kinesiology offers a full range of advising within the major. Our team is available to help with:

  • Understanding admission requirements
  • General information on the program
  • Schedule planning
  • Selecting electives
  • Choosing between an internship or review of literature.

Please contact us by email or phone to set up a meeting. We are also available virtually. We look forward to helping you achieve your educational goals.

Phone: 407-823-2595
Email: [email protected]
Office: ED 320

Speak to an Advisor

If you’d like a scheduled 1-on-1 session with an advisor, please click the button below to secure your time slot.


I am extremely grateful for the support and mentorship I received from the faculty and staff in the Division of Kinesiology throughout my time in the undergraduate and graduate programs. The resources and opportunities for growth have inspired me and prepared me for my future in sports. I am eternally appreciative of my time at UCF. Charge On!”

— Maxine Furtado Mesa, '19, '21 MS, Current McKnight Doctoral Fellow

Graduate Internship

An internship with the Division of Kinesiology is an exciting, hands-on work experience that allows students to apply classroom learning to real-world settings. Students work closely under the guidance and support of an approved preceptor who is an expert in the field of kinesiology or exercise science.

MS Program News

Frequently Asked Questions

While not required, applicants are encouraged to submit official GRE scores taken within the last five years for potential consideration for fellowships, scholarships, and assistantships.

Applicants who hold an undergraduate degree in an unrelated field are expected to have the equivalent of 8 semester hours of anatomy and physiology

Students typically complete the program in 4-6 semesters but this is dependent upon course availability and individual scheduling.

The MS program falls within the STEM category for state of Florida according to its Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code

You can check the status of your application anytime online at myUCF. If you have questions regarding submitted materials, please contact the College of Graduate Studies at 407-823-2766 or [email protected].

Estimated school costs are posted the Office of Student Financial Assistance website.

All options within the program require a minimum of 36 credit hours, with at least 18 credit hours of coursework at the 6000 level.

All students are automatically placed in the Non-Thesis option which, in addition to the typical coursework, requires completion of either an internship (3 or 6 credit hours) or a review of literature (3 credit hours). The Thesis option requires completion of an additional statistics course as well as 6 credit hours of thesis, including a research project and thesis defense in front of a faculty committee.

Students wishing to pursue the Thesis option must receive approval from the graduate program director and have a commitment from a faculty member to serve as the thesis committee chair. Those interested in completing a thesis are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the research being conducted at UCF and contact faculty with similar areas of interest.

The Anatomical Sciences Specialization allows MS students to complete coursework related to the Anatomical Sciences Graduate Certificate (note: a separate application is required for the certificate program). These courses include: PHT6115C – Gross Anatomy/Neuroscience I; PHT6118C – Gross Anatomy/Neuroscience II;  PHT6119L – Seminar in Anatomical Sciences Techniques; PHT6510 – Administration of Anatomical Sciences Laboratory. Students wishing to pursue the Anatomical Sciences Specialization must also receive approval from the graduate program director.

Our college has a published list of research participation opportunities: If you filter by Kinesiology or Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation Science, you’ll see those specific to our labs.

Graduate assistantship positions in the Division of Kinesiology are generally allocated through specific faculty and there is typically limited availability which makes the process of securing them highly competitive. The best approach is to reach out directly to faculty members that you might be interested in working with and see if they have any availability.  There may be additional graduate assistantship opportunities in Campus Rec, Athletics, or elsewhere on campus but you would need to contact them directly.

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