External Oblique Muscle Testing

External Oblique Muscle Testing

The purpose of this study is to determine an appropriate testing position to maximally activate the external oblique muscle. This study aims to establish an acceptable external oblique normalization technique for higher intensity, longer duration tasks to eventually use in an injured population to measure muscle activity.

Inclusion Qualifications:

  • Healthy Adult ages 18-45
  • Active (moderate exercise 30 minutes a day for 5 times per week)

Exclusion Qualifications:

You may not participate in this research opportunity if any of the following applies to you:
  • History of low back pain, hip, or recent upper or lower extremity injury,
  • Self-reported balance disorder
  • Known muscular abnormalities
  • No previous year history of low back pain, low back surgery or lower extremity surgery
  • Currently pregnant
  • Open wound in the abdominal area

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UCF IRB#: 00004037
PI: Colby Mangum
IRB Expiration March 11, 2023
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Recruitment End Date:
June 1, 2022
Education Complex
Education Complex and Gym, 4000
Orlando, FL 32816
Time Commitment:
Number of visits: 1
Expected time per visit: 2 hours
Point of Contact:
Luk Devorski
Faculty Advisors:
L. Colby Mangum
Associated Units:
Athletic Training
Health Sciences
Exercise Physiology & Rehabilitation Science
Related Tags:
Short URL:

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