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Eduardo Ortiz has more than six years of experience as an accomplished leader in clinical research coordination and medical affairs. This includes experience as a clinical specialist in areas related to medical technology and Phase I-IV trials. He also has experience in medical lead and business strategy, exceeding ambitious performance goals by planning and preparing proposals for federal and non-federal agencies. This requires an understanding of multiple sponsor-specific procedures, complex contracts and grants requirements, electronic and other submission approaches, and necessary form and budget development. Eduardo has proven strengths in clinical relationship building, customer service, clinical in-office education, complaint strategies, medical and research education for health care providers, and negotiations. He is highly skilled in research data and technical product demonstrations and presentations. He also has extensive experience in research and development and work in operating rooms, surgery centers, and hospital and office settings.

Eduardo is a proud member of various nonprofit international research programs. He focuses on student development through differentiating instruction, and he actively engages students in their learning. He is seeking continuing education and graduate studies at UCF to maintain his professional recognition in research.

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