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UCF Social Work Celebrates Field Education at Award Ceremony

Written By: UCF School of Social Work | April 22, 2022

UCF social work faculty
School of Social Work holds Field Education Awards ceremony. From left to right: Online MSW Field Coordinator Christine Ferretti, School Director Matthew Theriot, and Campus-based Field Program Director Robin Pisano.

The UCF School of Social Work held its fifth Annual Field Awards Ceremony on April 15 to celebrate the commitment to field education shown by agency partners and students. This year’s theme was “social workers are superheroes” and honored the work done by social workers to empower clients toward self-determination.

Awards were given based on peer nominations in a number of categories related to field education.

Congratulations to all the recipients!

BSW Student of the Year Kimberly Nassif

MSW Generalist Students of the Year Victoria Hasbun and Emily Kirker

MSW Clinical Students of the Year Rachel Koontz and Nicola Prichard

BSW Field Supervisor Richard Wang, Wayne Densch Center

MSW Field Supervisor Jania Fuller, Seminole County Public Schools

Agency of the Year Pace Center for Girls

“Superhero Social Worker” Awards  Anna Kayser-Gallego and Rebecca Kleiman

Jania Fuller from Seminole County Public Schools with awardSocial work field education award attendeesKimberly Nassif with awardNicola Prichard with trophyPace Center for Girls, Agency of the Year awardeesVictoria Hasbun with trophysocial work field education awardeesRebecca Kleiman with trophy
Jania Fuller (middle) Seminole County Public Schools
Richard Wang (left), Wayne Densch Center
Kimberly Nassif (center)
Nicola Prichard (center with trophy)
Pace Center for Girls, Agency of the Year
Victoria Hasbun (center)
Rebecca Kleiman (center with trophy)
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