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Rachel Mortinsen-Lazer named UCF Athletic Training Preceptor of the Month for August 2020

Written By: Drexler B. James '13 | October 2, 2020

Rachel Lazer preceptor of the month

People like Rachel Mortinsen-Lazer tend to stand out in the crowd. Always smiling, always caring for others, always ready to step in and help, and always passionate about her work. That’s why we were not surprised to learn that she was nominated for the latest UCF Athletic Training Program Preceptor of the Month Award.

Lazer graduated from the UCF Athletic Training Program and went on to earn her master’s degree in sport and exercise science through the Division of UCF Kinesiology. She is currently a member of the UCF Sports Medicine staff caring for team members of the Knights rowing and volleyball programs. Prior to joining UCF Sports Medicine, Lazer was an athletic trainer for UCF Recreation and Wellness and East River High School.

Peter Dawry, second-year MAT student, first met Lazer when he was completing observation hours at UCF Recreation and Wellness. “She is part of the reason I decided to apply to the UCF Master of Athletic Training Program,” he said.

Dawry describes Lazer as “the definition of professional.” She always leads by example. When interacting with co-workers and students she is willing to do whatever is needed. Dawry said she is also great with the athletes, making sure they are on time and on track to keep everyone healthy.

As a preceptor, Lazer makes sure students are consistently involved, and she provides multiple opportunities to learn. She constantly asks questions and challenges students to think critically when working with the athletes. In acute care situations Lazer allows students to get hands-on experience so they are prepared and confident when situations arise.

“She comes in early and stays late to help students complete their competencies, and she teaches me something new every day,” said Dawry. She stays up to date with the most recent position statements and keeps everyone informed on new protocols she reads about.

Lazer recently surprised the students by pretending to be briefly unconscious after “tackling’ a student in the training room. They had to go through a full evaluation and spineboard, all while trying to keep the patient (Lazer) calm after realizing she could not move her legs. “After the scenario Lazer went over everything we did well and what we needed to improve upon. Then she waited about 10 minutes and surprise retackled someone else so we could practice the scenario again!” said Dawry.

Fun Fact: Rachel is the proud mommy of a 1-year old white German Shepard named Dag!

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