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Neurologic PT Residents and Residency Faculty Screens Orlando Women’s Soccer Team

Written By: Morris Beato | January 31, 2021

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UCF & Orlando Health Neurologic Residency Program’s current resident Ashley Gadelha, and previous neurologic resident, Oliva Berry, under the direction of board-certified neurologic clinical specialists and concussion expert residency faculty Marissa Conrad and Marla Laloo, participated in concussion screening of Orlando’s professional women’s soccer team, the Orlando Pride. The screening was held at the Orlando Health Physical Therapy Clinic in the Orlando Health Heart Institute building. Carrie Rowlett, a UCF DPT alumna from Orlando Health’s Inpatient Rehabilitation, also participated in the screening. Conrad, Laloo, Rowlett, Berry, and Gadelha are all UCF School of Kinesiology and Physical Therapy alumni and all the highly specialized physical therapists work for the Orlando Health rehabilitation team.

We are proud of the work being done by our residents and alumni to best serve athletes.

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