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March 2021: Athletic Training Preceptor of the Month

Written By: Kim MacLennan | March 31, 2021

man with certificateFor March 2021 we have chosen Brian DeAlmeida as our Preceptor of the Month!

DeAlmeida is the head athletic trainer for the Orlando Solar Bears. He earned his BS in athletic training at Boston University, and is currently earning an MBA at Perdue University Global.

According to Julia Phillips, second-year MAT student, DeAlmeida is a very passionate and vocal advocate for the profession. “Working with the Orlando Solar Bears has been a great experience,” says Phillips. “Every day we engage in tough conversations about a variety of situations such as when to pull a player off the ice and the importance of caring for the overall well-being of the player. Any time I ask him for help with a skill or reviewing techniques I’ve already learned he is always ready to teach.” DeAlmeida’s encouragement has been a real confidence builder for Phillips and other students who have had the opportunity to work with him.

Each sport has its own unique needs when it comes to taking care of athletes, and Phillips had the opportunity to learn what it takes to keep athletes who work on the ice for a living in top physical condition. While ACL injuries and ankle sprains are common in sports like football and soccer, ice hockey players have more issues with the hip region due to the constant flexed position they are in as they propel themselves forward during skating. Working with DeAlmeida helped Phillips reinforce the skills she learned regarding hip joint mobilization, muscle energy, manual therapy, and posture analysis.

“He is full of advice and little tricks of the trade, and a person you can go to with anything. He really wants to give the students the best experience he can, and he really cares about us learning and getting us ready to succeed in the future,” says Phillips. “I am lucky to have the opportunity to work with him.”

Thank you, Brian DeAlmeida, for all you do to support the UCF MAT program and our students!

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