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Health Sciences Students Present 20 Posters at Student Scholar Symposium

Written By: Megan Pabian | April 5, 2022

Student researchers with poster

Health Sciences students had a strong presence at the Student Scholar Symposium hosted as part of Research Week.  Twenty poster presentations were presented by about 34 Health Sciences undergraduate students mentored by six Health Sciences faculty.

Health Sciences’ Student Posters

Item Preference and Student Experience on a Contraceptive Scavenger Hunt Assignment: A Mixed-Methods Assessment.

HS Students: Nicolle Acuna, Amanda Gois

Faculty Mentor: Humberto López Castillo


Uterine Fibroid Prevalence and Health Care Disparities by County: Florida 2010-2019
HS Student: Saarah Sherifi

Faculty Mentors: Humberto López Castillo and Cassie Odahowski


Trajectories and Predictors of Health-Related Quality of Life in Older Breast Cancer Survivors

HS Student: Sushantti Repush

Faculty Mentor: Eunkyung Muriel Lee


Obesity and Weight Gain in Testicular Cancer Survivors: A Narrative Review

HS Students: Andre Naguib, Garrett Welch, Karina Castro

Faculty Mentor: Michael Rovito


The Association Between Excessive Alcohol Consumption and Oral Cancer Incidence Rate In Florida Adults

HS Student: David Li

Faculty Mentor: Eunkyung Muriel Lee


Racial Disparities and Quality of Life of Lung Cancer Patients in the United States: A Summary of the Literature

HS Student: Alina Wise

Faculty Mentor: Cassie Odahowski


Mindfulness Interventions for Testicular Cancer Patients

HS Students: Rama Abu Zanet, Peter Sagorski, Mostafa Diab

Faculty Mentor: Michael Rovito


Addressing Testicular Cancer Through a Health Equity Lens

HS Students: Alexie Alcantara, Sydney Martinez, Carl Russell

Faculty Mentor: Michael Rovito


Evaluating efficacy of cryotherapy in MS symptom alleviation in 30-50 year-old women in Central Florida

HS Students: Ethan Molina, Jaden LeGate, Harold Silva, Travis Steele, and Gabrielle Mejia

Faculty Mentor: Michael Rovito


Attitude Towards Sun Exposure Differences in Adolescents Diagnosed and Treated for Melanoma

HS Students: Morgan Welch, Sarah Duffy, and Edward Agocs

Faculty Mentor: Michael Rovito


Young Adult Maternal Health Literacy and Congenital Abnormalities in Newborns: A Case-Control Study Proposal

HS Student: Alesia Lokshina

Faculty Mentor: Michael Rovito


Adherence to Healthy Dietary Recommendations and Breast Cancer-Specific Outcomes in Breast Cancer Survivors: Meta Analysis

HS Student: Eric Han

Faculty Mentor: Eunkyung Muriel Lee


The Demographic, Behavioral, and Clinical Factors Associated with the Quality of Life of Cancer Survivors

HS Student: Odette Chirinos

Faculty Mentor: Eunkyung Muriel Lee


Calendula and Its Effect on Acute Radiation Dermatitis Prevention and Treatment Among Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

HS Student: Marjona Normuminova

Faculty Mentor: Eunkyung Muriel Lee


Hands Out for (NIC)U

Health Sciences Student: Emily Somma

Faculty Mentor: Danielle Webster


The Impact of Sickle Cell Disease on Gingival Bleeding and Oral Health of Adults

HS Student: Natalie Roa

Faculty Mentor: Ali Amirkhosravi


The Effects of Instructed Multi-Sensory Education on Progressive Myopia In Children Ages 3-6

HS Students: Janally Hernandez, Emilyn Stafford, Naissa Delva

Faculty Mentor: Keith Brazendale


Can Being Twins Pull Your Heart Strings? The Outcome of Heart Defects Among Twin Pregnancies Based on Serum hCG Levels

HS Student: Angeline Belnavis

Faculty Mentor: Michael Rovito


A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Testicular Cancer Symptom Recognition and Stage of Diagnosis HS Students: Sydney Martinez, Rama Abu Zanet

Faculty Mentor: Michael Rovito


Identifying the Level of Awareness Regarding the Oral Manifestations Associated with Minor Type Thalassemia in Iranian Adult Population

Biology Major: Tara Arzhangi

Faculty Mentor: Ali Amirkhosravi


Stress, Coping, and Disease Awareness Association with Metabolic Disease Risk: A Longitudinal Cohort Study

HS Student: Chelsea Anestal

Faculty Mentor: Keith Brazendale

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