Aphasia House

UCF Communication Disorders Clinic


APHASIA HOUSE offers an intensive outpatient therapy program for individuals with aphasia, a disorder that results from damage to parts of the brain that control language and speech.

Aphasia House clients receive therapy under the direction of distinguished clinical educators in aphasia. The clinical educators are assisted by UCF graduate students preparing to become professional speech-language pathologists. They work together to assess the latest clinical research to develop a customized course of therapy for each client.

The program takes place in a home-like setting created in a beautiful new facility in the Central Florida Research Park.


Please call 407-882-0468

Aphasia House is a home-like setting created in a suite of rooms (Suite 300) in the Innovative Center, a beautiful, contemporary building located in the Central Florida Research Park, adjacent to the University of Central Florida.

3280 Progress Drive, Suite 300
Orlando, FL 32826-2215

Program Features

  • Individual therapy Monday through Thursday mornings for six weeks
  • Optional extension of therapy on Fridays, as well as art, music and horticulture therapy
  • Observation room for family and friends
  • Access to state-of-the-art augmentative and alternative communication devices
  • Affiliation with local extended-stay rental accommodations
  • Five six-week sessions offered annually

Upcoming Sessions in 2019:

Summer:  June 17 – July 25

Fall Session I:  September 3 – October 10

Fall Session II:  October 21 – November 26

Program Eligibility

Aphasia House is open to individuals with aphasia who meet the following criteria:

  • medically stable
  • able to endure the intensive nature of the program
  • independent in mobility and self-care or accompanied by a caregiver at all times

Aphasia House has a long-standing relationship with the Scott Coopersmith Stroke Awareness Foundation (SCSAF). The foundation recently awarded funding for two young stroke survivors who needed intensive services but were financially unable to participate in our program without external support. ― Amy Englehoven, Ph.D., Aphasia House Director

SCSAF is incredibly thankful for our partnership with the UCF Aphasia House and values the work that both students and faculty and staff do for stroke survivors. It is our mission to provide support for local survivors, and we [were] happy to approve the grant requests for these two applicants! ― Deanna Coopersmith-Marquez, SCSAF President

The Scott Coopersmith Stroke Awareness Foundation has graciously partnered with Aphasia House to help stroke survivors with aphasia and their families.


Janet Whiteside, Ph.D., is the founding director of Aphasia House. Amy Engelhoven, Ph.D., is the new director of Aphasia House.