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UCF Summer Reading Camps

Give your child a reading and comprehension boost this summer with the help of UCF literacy experts. The UCF Communication Sciences and Disorders Clinic provides treatment of reading and writing disorders and offers two summer reading programs designed to help children “catch-up” on reading skills like: phonological and phonemic awareness, sounding out unfamiliar words and reading sight words, spelling, reading fluency and comprehension, written expression, and oral language skills.

Our intensive summer reading programs are based on the science of reading. They are tailored to provide an individualized approach for each student to target their specific and unique needs to make the most progress possible.

Our reading camps facilitate intensive learning using clinically-based methods including:

  • Hands-on, multisensory activities
  • Small groups with direct, structured and explicit instruction
  • Pre and post-testing, and weekly progress monitoring
  • Implemented by trained Communication Sciences and Disorders graduate clinicians under the guidance and direct supervision of licensed SLP literacy experts

Thank you for all the hard work you all did to make this program a reality, for children that struggle to read it is a great opportunity.”

- Ayleen A.

We offer two reading programs:


for struggling readers and nonreaders in grades K-12

JAN 16 - APR 18 2024

4 days a week | 3.5 hours/day for 4 weeks | 8:30am - 12pm Mon.-Thurs.

For nonreaders or struggling readers
Pre- and post-testing
Intensive reading intervention of clinically-based methods utilizing the latest research on the science of reading
Fun, multisensory, evidence based curriculum
Weekly progress reports
Direct, structured and explicit instruction in small groups
Materials included
Parent education sessions provided

Cost: $1,000 per child

Camp iREAD for children with ASD

focusing on preliteracy skills for Pre-K – 2nd graders with ASD

JULY 10 - JULY 20 2023

4 days a week | 3 hours/day for 2 weeks | 9:00am - 12pm Mon.-Thurs.

Targeting early reading and writing through multi-sensory and movement-based activities
Fun and interactive learning for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder
To participate, children should be able to:
Follow simple classroom directions
Comment in 2-3 word sentences
Ambulate independently
Work in a group of 4
Attend for 10 minutes per activity

Cost: $480 per child

My son had such a great experience at the UCF Communication Disorders Clinic summer reading program. The students and instructors went above and beyond to make it a fun program that my son wanted to attend. He made such drastic improvements in his reading during the summer program that it has affected his confidence and academic performance this school year. He is proud of his progress, and his teachers and support staff at his school have gone out of their way to communicate how well he is doing. I was so happy when he recently asked for money to buy something at the book fair, and was pleasantly surprised when he came home with a grade level book. In the past he would have purchased a much lower grade level book, or not even a book at all. He has been reading the book on his own each week and summarizing what is happening in the story, which he had not been able to do before. We look forward to him and many other children being able to participate in the program next summer.”

- Libby N.

Scholarships Accepted!

There are a number of scholarships available that your child may qualify for to help pay for the iREAD camps. Our camp leaders can help you identify scholarship options.

All camps are held in Research Park, adjacent to the UCF main campus.

UCF Communication Disorders Clinic
3280 Progress Dr.
Suite 500
Orlando, FL 32826

This location has easy access to facilitate quick drop off and pick up.

I spoke with my daughter to describe for me her experience at the Intensive Reading Program this last summer, she relied to me how wonderful the experience was for her, she loved the therapists, they made her feel welcome and special, she always had fun and felt engaged. She said, “I never felt I was in class, most like I was having fun with my friends but at the same time I was learning some new words, reading better, and the best part it never felt like I was in a classroom.” Overall, she said just having the opportunity to be in the program was wonderful, she was grateful of the accommodations made for her as she was one of the two students who did the program virtually and if that option was not offered, she would’ve not been able to participate.”

- Alexa D.

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