Response to Moderate and High Isoinertial Loading Paradigms

The purpose of this investigation is to examine the utility of two different isoinertial squat protocols (moderate vs high resistance) as a means of eliciting safe and predictable lower body muscle damage. To assess the reliability of functional and systemic outcomes following repeated bouts of moderate and high isoinertial resistance squat protocols.

Inclusion Qualifications:

  • Healthy resistance trained males (18-40 years old)
  • Have a smart phone or computer with internet access to use with an application the study will provide.
  • Healthy, and ready for physical activity as determined by the PAR-Q+, and MHQ.
  • Participants will be required to be recreationally active
  • Active resistance training for a minimum of 6 months as defined by 3 resistance training sessions per week with at least one lower body session.
  • Willing to follow specific dietary requirements.
  • Consuming <300 mg·day−1 (Equivalent to 3 cups of coffee per day or 2 16oz cans of Redbull) and willing to keep their caffeine consumption consistent throughout the duration of the study.
  • Informed of the study procedures and provided written informed consent to participate in the study.
  • Free from previous or current lower body injuries that are viewed by the investigators to potentially limit ability of the participant to perform the assessments.
  • Willing to abstain from lower body resistance training for the 14 days preceding ET1 and ET2

Exclusion Qualifications:

You may not participate in this research opportunity if any of the following applies to you:
  • Currently taking any performance-enhancing drug
  • Currently taking a nutritional supplement known to improve physical performance
  • Regularly taking any type of prescription or over-the-counter medication deemed to affect performance, or having any chronic illnesses, which require medical care.
  • Report any lower extremity muscle soreness for visits ET1 and ET2
  • Previous or current lower body injuries viewed by the investigators to potentially limit ability of the participant to perform the assessments.

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UCF IRB#: MOD00004686
PI: Trevor Dufner
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Recruitment End Date:
March 1, 2024
Education Complex
12494 University Blvd
Orlando, FL 32816
Time Commitment:
Number of visits: 13
Expected time per visit: 1 hours
Point of Contact:
Trevor Dufner
Faculty Advisors:
Adam J. Wells
Associated Units:
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Short URL:

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