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School of Social Work Celebrates Field Education with Awards Ceremony

Written By: UCF School of Social Work | April 17, 2023

group image of all awardees
Sixth annual Field Education Awards Ceremony awardees

The UCF School of Social Work held its sixth annual Field Education Awards Ceremony on April 14 to celebrate the commitment to field education shown by agency partners and students. This year’s theme was “social workers support social workers” to highlight the importance of peer support as generations of social workers impact each other. The ceremony was held in the UCF Live Oak Event Center.

“This is a great opportunity for us to show how grateful we are for our agency partners who support our students outside of the classroom,” says Robin Pisano, the school’s field education director. “They are key players in our students’ professional success as students gain first-hand experience.”

Awardees were nominated by their peers and field supervisors for their outstanding service to their clients and for showing support to their social work colleagues.

David Weed, who was named Field Supervisor of the Year, provided advice to students in his remarks at the ceremony. “Maintain your passion and meet your adventure,” he says. “Problems are an opportunity to learn a new way. And we can do that with the people we work with.”

Congratulations to the 2023 awardees:

BSW Student of the Year — Brianna Smoot-Tillman

MSW Generalist Student of the Year — Karixia Santos

MSW Clinical Student of the Year — David Maish

Field Supervisor of the Year — David Weed, Aspire-FACT

Agency of the Year — Embrace Families, Youth Services


group picture of awardee with their field agency picture of awardee with their field agency picture of awardee with their field agency picture of awardee with their field agency colleagues.Group picture of all awardees.
David Maish (fourth from left) with his field agency colleagues.
David Weed (third from left) with his agency colleagues.
Brianna Smoot-Tillman (fourth from left) with her field agency colleagues.
Karixia Santos (right).
Group picture of all awardees.

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