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Health Tips from Faculty During COVID-19

Written By: Camille Dolan '98 | April 17, 2020

The stressors brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic make self-care more important than ever. Here are some tips shared by our health experts at the College of Health Professions and Sciences on ways to cope with stress while still practicing social distancing.

Jeff Stout Jr
"Take time to move,” says Jeff Stout, Founding Director of the School of Kinesiology. You don’t need gym equipment to workout at home. Here, Stout's son, Jeff Jr., demonstrates a bodyweight exercise that can be done with no additional weights, or use a jug of water as a weight. "Don't forget the importance of a 30-minute cat nap," Stout adds.
Find your joy. Tracy Wharton in the School of Social Work, focuses her attention away from the stress of the day by working on her personal blog and participating in other activities that bring her joy, like yoga or walking. "Find something that you love to do and it will help keep your mind engaged and positive," Wharton says.
Stay connected to yourself - and to others. "Our students and Aphasia Family clients participate in social Zoom meetings to stay connected," says Amy Engelhoven of the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Find a technology that works for you.
Find peace in the quiet times. "Walking around the neighborhood when everyone is asleep helps me relieve stress and practice social distancing because no one else is on the street," says Rick Beato in the Division of Physical Therapy. "The silence in the outdoor at night also helps me meditate."
Enjoy quality time. "One of my favorite de-stressors is to take a ride with my husband, Peter, and our dog, CJ, in our convertible,” says Gail Kauwell of the Department of Health Sciences. "People get a kick out of seeing CJ sporting his sunglasses as he rides in style in the back seat."

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