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New Dean’s Advocacy Board Launched

Written By: Heather Lovett | March 5, 2023
College of Health Professions and Sciences founding Dean Christopher Ingersoll has launched a new Dean’s Advocacy Board designed to help expand the college’s partnerships and cultivate additional strategic connections in...

Research Roundup: Recent Publications By CHPS Faculty 2022

Written By: Heather Lovett | February 6, 2023
Students at the College of Health Professions and Sciences benefit from faculty who conduct research into a broad number of health and wellness topics, discovering new insights and creating innovation...

New Immersive Simulation Suite Will Teach UCF Students, Help Patients

Written By: Heather Lovett | January 23, 2023
The hands-on tech will better prepare College of Health Professions and Sciences students for frontline roles. UCF’s College of Health Professions and Sciences has again expanded its state-of-the-art Rehabilitation Innovation Center with...

How NFL Player Damar Hamlin Tackled the Odds: Health Experts Weigh In

Written By: Heather Lovett | January 23, 2023
A panel of UCF medical and rehabilitation experts discuss what happened, what Hamlin’s physical and mental recovery could look like, and protecting the heart health of athletes.

Research in 60 Seconds Video: Helping Children Born with Cleft Palate

Written By: Heather Lovett | January 6, 2023
Whether it’s solving the world’s biggest problems or investigating the potential of novel discoveries, researchers at UCF are on the edge of scientific breakthroughs that aim to make an impact....

Succeeding Differently: Parents, Experts and a Celebrity Discuss Neurodiversity

Written By: Heather Lovett | December 12, 2022
Comedian Howie Mandel, who has ADHD and OCD, won’t forget the moment his diagnosis was publicly shared. “I was on the Howard Stern Show about 20 years ago,” Mandel recalls....

How Diabetes Education Impacts Lives: A Q&A with UCF’s Suha Saleh

Written By: UCF Provost Newsroom | November 14, 2022
Dr. Saleh discusses her research on diabetic eye disease and her passion for educating. November is recognized as National Diabetes Awareness Month, and in this Q&A, faculty member Dr. Saleh discusses her...

CHPS Dean Christopher Ingersoll Awarded by CAATE for Contributions to AT Education and Accreditation

Written By: Heather Lovett | October 28, 2022
The athletic training accreditation entity, Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE), honored UCF College of Health Professions and Sciences Dean Christopher Ingersoll with the 2022 Pete Koehneke Award....

A Fitness Expert Weighs In On How To Build The Best Workout Routine For Yourself

Written By: Health Digest | October 18, 2022
Working out is an essential part of a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. As a matter of fact, getting regular exercise and physical activity can help improve and maintain the health...

CSD Consortium Track Debuts in Spring Allowing Students to Earn Degree in Almost Half the Time

Written By: Heather Lovett | September 15, 2022
The UCF School of Communication Sciences and Disorders master’s program has improved its long-standing consortium track, which was designed around students working in local schools as speech-language therapists. Beginning Spring...

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