Available UCF CSD Scholarships

We offer an array of scholarships for students in Communication Sciences and Disorders undergraduate and graduate programs. For all scholarships administered by UCF, students must apply through the A2O platform. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as applications become available, typically in the latter half of the spring term. Some scholarships in the A2O system are specifically for UCF CSD students, while other scholarships are available through the college and the university. We encourage students to apply for all scholarships they qualify for.

$1,500Mike Murray Make a Difference Scholarship
$1,000Angel's Gift Scholarship
$1,000The Joe DiNapoli 'Extended Journeys' Endowed Scholarship Fund
$2,500The Dr. Kenyatta Rivers Honorary Scholarship
$1,300Inspiring Hope for Aphasia Endowed Scholarship
$3,000The David Ingram Memorial Scholarship
$2,000Jennifer Adicks Harnage Memorial Scholarship
$500NSSLHA Scholarship
$500Communication Sciences & Disorders Graduate Scholarship
$500Communication Sciences & Disorders Undergraduate Scholarship
$1,000CHPS College Wide Graduate Scholarship
$1,000CHPS College Wide Undergraduate Scholarship
$1,000Learning Institute for the Elders at UCF Scholarship
$1,000The Variety Children’s Charity of Florida James Bohannon Memorial Endowed Scholarship
$1,500Invincible Knights Scholarship
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Scholarship Impact

The Mike Murray Make A Difference Scholarship was established in honor of Murray, known as “Da Voice” in the Central Florida community for his booming, powerful announcer’s voice at Dr. Phillips High School basketball games. Murray has been battling Parkinson’s Disease since 2008.

Instead of quitting when his voice was taken away, he focused on abilities rather than disabilities. He used one of his other gifts—his superb writing ability—to share his personal experiences and send a compelling message to others with disabilities.

Murray has dedicated the last 15 years of his life to providing a voice to those who have “lost their voice”—often quite literally—due to aphasia, deafness, cognitive limitations or progressive disease processes.

The scholarship was created from donations from three of Murray’s long-time friends and colleagues from the Society for Technical Communication, and supports students who focus on abilities instead of disabilities.


Scholarship applications are only available online through the A2O portal. You will only see scholarships for which you meet the basic eligibility requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

For all scholarships administered by UCF, students must apply through the A2O system. Typically scholarships are posted in the spring term and awarded in the following fall term. But sometimes scholarships are available “off cycle.” Please check A2O frequently for all scholarship opportunities.

Some scholarship applications may require you to upload a resume or an essay. Make sure all required documents are included. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Criteria varies for each scholarship. Some scholarships are need-based, others may give preference to those demonstrating financial need and others do not take financial need into consideration. All students are required to complete the Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA). Graduate student scholarships may not require financial aid criteria.

Scholarships for students in the College of Health Professions and Sciences become available in early spring with applications due in late spring. Each scholarship can have its own unique deadlines. Students are encouraged to check A2O frequently.

All scholarship applicants will receive an email if a scholarship has been awarded. The email will include information on the next steps. Awardees can expect an email in May.

Congratulations! First, you will need to promptly accept the award via myUCF. All scholarship funds will be deposited to your UCF student account (usually after add/drop in the fall term). All scholarship recipients are also required to write a professional, handwritten thank you note to the donor in appreciation of your scholarship award. Scholarship recipients are encouraged to attend the college’s annual scholarship celebration event held in the fall. Additional information will be provided when students are notified of their award.

Scholarship funding will be split equally in half to cover fall and spring semesters unless the student is graduating in December in which case, all funding will be applied to fall semester, per request. All scholarships will first apply to any remaining balance on tuition and fees. If there is no remaining balance, then students will receive a direct deposit or check for the remainder.

Scholarships are awarded for the entire academic year-fall & spring. If a student graduates in the fall, they will have to email the UCF Financial Aid Scholarship Department at [email protected].

For any questions regarding scholarship disbursement or refunds, please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance to speak to an advisor.

Students are recommended to the Scholarship Tips & Links the UCF Office of Student Financial Assistance has compiled.

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Establishing your own scholarship program is an excellent way to create a legacy and support promising and deserving students. These gifts can also be a meaningful act to honor or memorialize friends, educators, or family members. Your generosity will ensure that the best, brightest, and most deserving students are supported on their path to excellence.

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