News: Violence Against Women Faculty Cluster

UCF Reach for the Stars 2023 Honorees Are Unleashing the Potential of People, Ideas

Written By: Robert Wells | March 29, 2023
Part of the UCF Violence Against Women faculty cluster, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Social Work Bethany Backes is among the 2023 Reach for the Stars honorees.

UCF Survivor Link Training Program Inaugural Meeting

Written By: Connor Terzino | November 5, 2022
The UCF Survivor Link Training Program, which aims to train students in cases of domestic violence, held its first-ever meeting with its social work master’s students Wednesday night.

UCF Podcast: Championing Against Violence

Written By: Nicole Dudenhoefer ’17 | October 24, 2022
Season three of Knights Do That, UCF’s official podcast, returns with its sixth guest, Bethany Backes, an assistant professor in the Violence Against Women faculty cluster and holds a joint appointment...

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