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The mission of the UCF Physiology of Work & Exercise Response (POWER) Laboratory is to assess the physiological response to exercise modalities and nutritional interventions aiming to enhance health, fitness and athletic performance. Through the application of exercise physiology and the analysis of human movement, we assist in addressing the contemporary questions of healthcare providers, fitness professionals and sport coaches to aid in decision-making and strategic development. The POWER Laboratory has the capability to measure both physical performance and the metabolic response to field- and laboratory-based exercise protocols.


Our laboratory is always recruiting for participants to partake in research studies. Participation in our studies not only helps contribute to science, but can also be a fun learning experience.

Research Capabilities

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Function Assessment
  • VO2 max testing-Upper and Lower Body
  • Ventilatory threshold/respiratory compensation point
  • Critical power/speed
  • Physical working capacity/EMG fatigue threshold
  • Autonomic function/heart rate variability
  • Tissue oxygenation (NIRS)
Metabolic and Energy Balance Assessment
  • Resting metabolic rate
  • Maximal fat oxidation and FATmax testing
  • Running economy
  • Energy system contribution
  • Accumulated oxygen deficit
  • Dietary analysis
Strength and Power Assessment
  • Barbell velocity and power
  • Ground reaction forces
  • Isometric mid-thigh pull
  • Vertical jump height/power
  • Peak force/impulse/rate of force development
  • Maximum strength and strength-endurance assessments
  • Leg stiffness/reactive strength index
  • Dynamic strength index
  • Eccentric/concentric/isometric peak torque
  • Hamstrings/quadriceps ratio
  • Force-velocity profiling
  • Anaerobic capacity
Timing and Responsiveness Assessment
  • Linear speed testing
  • Repeated sprint ability
  • Change of direction ability
  • Reactive agility
  • Reaction time/cognitive response
  • Dynamic balance
Body Composition Assessment
  • BodPod/Air displacement plethysmography
  • Bioelectrical impedance analysis/spectroscopy
  • Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA)
Skeletal Muscle Form and Function
  • Ultrasonography
  • Electromyography
  • Tensiomyography
  • Electrical impedance myography

Meet Our Team


David Fukuda's profile picture at UCF

David Fukuda, Ph.D.

Division Chair, Professor
Exercise Physiology & Rehabilitation Science, Kinesiology
Location: Education Complex Room: 320F
Phone: 407-823-0442
Jeffrey Stout's profile picture at UCF

Jeffrey Stout, Ph.D.

Pegasus Professor, School Director
Exercise Physiology & Rehabilitation Science, Kinesiology
Location: Education Complex Room: 320M
Phone: 407-823-0211

Selected Relevant Publications

Our laboratory makes a concerted effort to publish our findings in respected academic journals and present at regional, national, and international conferences. In addition to contributing to collective body of knowledge in a given field, presenting original data at conferences is a fun way for the lab’s students to enhance their self-confidence and network with other scientists.


The Physiology of Work & Exercise Response (POWER) Laboratory is located inside the Division of Kinesiology at the Education Complex and Gym, ED 174. Several handicap parking spots are available outside.

Physiology of Work & Exercise Response (POWER) Laboratory
Education Complex and Gym, ED 174
4000 Central Florida Blvd
Orlando, FL 32816

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