A competitive GPA is required for admission to the MSW program.

Advanced standing: The minimum qualifying GPA for the Advanced Standing track is a 3.3 GPA in the last 60 credits. However, because this is a competitive program, a GPA of 3.3 does not guarantee admission.

Full-time/Part-time: The minimum qualifying GPA for the full-time/part-time tracks is a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 credits. However, because this is a competitive program, a GPA of 3.0 does not guarantee admission.

No, we do not require the GRE for admission into the MSW program.

Applicants to the MSW Full-time and Part time program tracks can have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline as long as they meet the prerequisite course requirements. Applicants to the Advanced Standing program track must have received a BSW degree from a CSWE accredited program within the last six years.

Yes, as long as you have at least four of the six required prerequisite courses completed by the application deadline with proof by transcript. In other words, applicants who have submitted a “complete” application by the application deadline will be reviewed, and possibly admitted, if the applicant has no more than two outstanding prerequisite courses to complete.

Go to the current Graduate Catalog (see “Navigating… #1 at the beginning of this document for the website address). Find the “Contact INFO/Graduate Program” on the right side of the webpage and send us an email to request approval. Include the course title and course description and we will let you know if the class (or classes) will be accepted toward any of the required prerequisites.

Yes, if admitted, you may complete up to two prerequisite courses before your clinical year. We highly recommend that you complete these courses before you begin the MSW program since the course load is heavy and adding classes could be overwhelming for many students.

You can complete the prerequisite courses at any accredited institution, but you must have the official transcripts sent to the College of Graduate Studies once the course is completed.

Graduate social work education is both difficult and time consuming; a typical full-time student’s week includes twelve (12) hours in the classroom, twenty-four (24) in outside preparation for 23 classes (readings, etc.), and approximately fifteen (15) hours of internship. Outside employment adds to an already demanding workload. The faculty caution students in seeking or maintaining outside employment.

The School of Social Work is under no obligation to provide such placements. Students must complete at least 50% of their field hours during the agency’s normal business hours. Evening (after 5pm) and weekend placements are extremely limited. Consequently, field placements cannot be guaranteed to students who require evening and weekend placements.

Once you get into the online application, the process for the Letters of Recommendation should become clear. Find the link in the online application to enter the names and email addresses of your recommenders. The College of Graduate Studies (CGS) will email your recommenders with an attached rating form and a link where a letter can be uploaded. Your recommenders can then send their rating form and letter directly back to the CGS electronically.

No, all materials must be submitted to the College of Graduate Studies through the online application. Please do not send any application documents to the School of Social Work. We recommend that you submit your application and fee first before submitting any supporting documents (transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.).

The Graduate Catalog lists a Fall Priority deadline in the Application Deadlines table which refers to students who wish to be considered for university fellowships or assistantships. The School of Social Work does not currently offer fellowships or assistantships. The Fall Priority deadline has nothing to do with “priority” or “early” decisions.

MSW Face to Face Program

No, we do not require the GRE for admission into the MSW program.

The face to face MSW program offers courses in person on the UCF main campus as well as mixed mode (on campus bi-weekly) and online.

Courses are offered in 3-hour blocks of time once a week. There are morning, afternoon, and evening sections available (e.g., 7:30am – 10:20am, 10:30am-1:20pm, 1:30pm-4:20pm, 6:30pm-9:20pm…etc.). Therefore, it may be possible to complete two courses on one day to limit commute time.

For advanced standing students, a 600-hour clinical internship is required. The traditional track is 1000 hours (400 generalist internship hours) and (600 clinical internship hours).

Please visit the Field Education webpage and click on “Field at a Glance” for more detailed information.

Yes, fellowships may be available for full-time traditional track students and School of Social Work scholarships are posted in the spring for current students. Please visit for information on funding opportunities.

The School of Social Work will also email opportunities for Graduate Assistantships or Graduate Research Assistantships to current students when they become available on campus. For more information on graduate funding opportunities please visit

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