Pending Students

Kinesiology Pending Students (Summer 2019 and forward)
Students are eligible to get out of pending and be admitted to the program when the audit shows:

  • All General Education Requirements are satisfied OR AA from Florida public institution is earned.
  • Foreign language requirements have been met with a high school transcript or proficiency exam
  • Gordon Rule Writing and Mathematics Requirements are met.
  • 2.5 GPA or higher

Kinesiology students:
APK 2300
PET 3005
PET 3765 – Sport and Athletic Coaching track students only
PET 4050C – Exercise and Sport Physiology track students only
Common Program Prerequisites – Please see catalog

If you are a Kinesiology student, you must change your major from pending to Kinesiology, BS and declare a track.

Admitted Students

PET 3351 is a prerequisite for the PET 4550C and PET 4552

No, official grades in the prerequisite classes must be posted to your audit before you are able to enroll. (Example: If you are taking ZOO 3733C, you cannot get an override to enroll into PET 3351).

System errors can happen; you will need to contact your advisor for a permission form.

Students MUST have a 2.5 overall GPA or higher to take all classes in the program. If they do not, they cannot move forward.

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