Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

UCF Department of Health Sciences


The Department of Health Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. Our science-based, application-oriented curriculum is designed for students with an interest in human health who plan to pursue careers in medicine, other health professions, clinical/behavioral research, health promotion and public health.

The major includes two career-focused tracks: Pre-Clinical and Health Promotion.

  • Pre-Clinical: This track is designed for students pursuing careers as a physician, physician assistant, dentist, pharmacist and other healthcare careers. A 3.0 minimum overall GPA is required for admission and graduation.
  • Health Promotion: This track is designed for students pursuing careers as a physical therapist, occupational therapist, clinical/behavioral health researcher, public health specialist and other health-related fields.

The core curriculum provides a foundation in chemistry, biology, physics, and social sciences. Upper-level core requirements focus on areas such as research methods, pharmacology, epidemiology, pharmacology, nutrition and pathophysiology. Additional elective courses allow students the flexibility to fulfill requirements for graduate and professional programs they may wish to pursue.

Advising for Health Sciences Majors

The Health Sciences Academic Advising Office provides advising for current sophomore, junior and senior students in the major and prospective students. (Academic advisement for freshman students is provided by CHPS Student Academic Services.)

Prospective students are required to schedule an advising appointment. This is required to ensure that Health Sciences academic advisors have time to review important program information with you.

During this time of heightened public health concerns, Health Sciences Academic Advisors will be assisting students via email at, phone appointments and Zoom sessions. All normal advising services will be offered with the option that works best for the student.

Student Experiences

Hear from students firsthand about their experience in the program

Health Sciences Internship

Partnering with healthcare facilities, community organizations and research entities, the Health Sciences Internship course (HSC4943) provides students with an opportunity to experience the work environment in health-related careers.

Application Information:
To participate in the internship course, students must submit an application for consideration. All prerequisites (below) must be met. Students are matched with internship opportunities based on their professional interests, skills and course schedule. Interns must complete a minimum of 80 hours at the assigned internship site to earn 3 credit hours. In addition to the internship, students complete online course assignments to facilitate interactive learning.

Applications open:

  • February 1-15 for summer semesters
  • May 1-15 for fall semesters
  • October 1-15 for spring semesters

The following prerequisites must be met:

  • Pathophysiology I (HSC 4555) and/or Pathophysiology II (HSC 4558)
  • Applied Health Research Methodology (HSC 4730) – only required for research focused internships
  • Junior or senior standing
  • UCF overall GPA 3.0 or higher (Preference given to those with GPA of 3.5 or higher)

Applications for Fall 2021 Internships are now being accepted. Please click the link below to complete an application.

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