The Health Sciences Academic Advising Office provides advising for current sophomore, junior and senior students in the major and prospective students. (Academic advisement for freshman students is provided by CHPS Student Academic Services.) Our academic advisors can assist students with the following:

  • Information on the program
  • Selecting a track
  • Schedule planning
  • Career exploration
  • Restricted elective options
  • Course substitutions
  • Transfer course equivalencies
  • Possible course overrides
  • Registration assistance

Prospective students are required to schedule an advising appointment. This is required to ensure that Health Sciences academic advisors have time to review important program information with you.

Advising for all students

Health Sciences Academic Advisors are available to assist students via email at [email protected], or via scheduled Zoom sessions or in-person appointments. All normal advising services will be offered with the option that works best for the student.

To make an appointment, please call 407-823-0946.

To contact the advisors through email, please email [email protected].

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