Mission, Vision and Values

UCF School of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences

Mission Statement

The School of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Central Florida is dedicated to improving human well-being by advancing the quality of healthcare and wellness practices for physically active individuals, patients, and the broader community. Through our diverse programs in Athletic Training, Kinesiology, and Physical Therapy, we are committed to fostering interdisciplinary education, research, and service.

Our mission encompasses the following core areas:

  1. Professional Excellence: Preparing graduates for excellence in healthcare services and exercise science, with a focus on innovation, critical thinking, leadership, and collaboration.
  2. Teaching and Education: Delivering comprehensive educational experiences across undergraduate (BS) and graduate (MAT, MS, DPT, PhD) levels, integrating scientific knowledge with practical application.
  3. Research and Innovation: Advancing kinesiology and rehabilitation sciences through original research and scholarship.
  4. Community Engagement and Service: Cultivating professional development and advocacy in healthcare and exercise science fields, ensuring our graduates emerge as proficient, compassionate, and ethical leaders.

Vision Statement

By embracing innovation, fostering collaboration, and prioritizing human well-being, we will propel the fields of kinesiology and rehabilitation sciences forward, on a global scale, through advancements in human movement, wellness, and rehabilitation.

To achieve our vision, we will:

  1. Professional Excellence:
    • Be a premier destination and resource for sport, exercise, health, and rehabilitation sciences, influencing and shaping the future of these fields.
    • Continuously innovate and lead in providing exceptional educational, research, and experiential learning opportunities that advance the field and positively impact society.
    • Integrate across clinical professions to foster interdisciplinary experiences that translate to improved care among future Athletic Training, Clinical Exercise Physiology, Physical Therapy, and Strength and Conditioning professionals.
  2. Teaching and Education:
    • Create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment across all modes of education that attracts and develops diverse students, faculty, and partners.
    • Cultivate a culture known for its cutting-edge technology, research, mentorship, and professional practice.
    • Enhance curricula across all modes of learning by continuously updating our programs to ensure quality improvement and align with industry trends, evidence-based practices, and emerging technologies.
  3. Research and Innovation:
    • Support the next generation of scientists by investing in research excellence through the development of infrastructure and allocation of resources to support faculty and student research endeavors.
    • Promote interdisciplinary collaboration to address complex challenges in exercise physiology, rehabilitation, performance, and human movement.
    • Build a scientific community to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and advance the kinesiology and rehabilitation sciences body of literature.
  1. Community Engagement and Service:
    • Promote strong, collaborative relationships with local, regional, national, and international communities.
    • Establish ourselves as a pivotal link between education, industry, and community wellness.
    • Engage with professional organizations to shape not only healthcare but healthcare education.


The School of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences values: academic excellence, altruism, community, compassion, efficiency and effectiveness, ethics, belonging, initiative, integrity, people-centeredness, research and innovation.

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