Students applying to the Master of Athletic Training Program must apply to both UCF Graduate Studies and ATCAS, the Athletic Training Centralized Application Service.

For information on general UCF graduate admissions requirements that apply to all prospective students, please visit the Admissions section of the Graduate Catalog. All requested materials must be submitted by the established deadline.

The Athletic Training Program participates in the Athletic Training Centralized Application Service, known as ATCAS. Prospective students must apply online using the ATCAS application.

The AT Program will begin reviewing applications on February 1.  Students may continue to apply until April 1 and will be evaluated on a rolling admissions basis until seats are filled.

*** Students with a bachelor’s degree from UCF may apply directly through the UCF College of Graduate Studies without submitting an ATCAS application. All application materials are still required. ***

COVID-19 Updates for the Athletic Training program
We understand the obstacles facing athletic training program applicants during this pandemic. Therefore, the UCF Master of Athletic Training Program is making the following changes for the 2021 admissions cycle:

  • Applicants are not required to complete observation hours with an athletic trainer (holds ATC credential), but it is recommended.
  • Applicants are still required to obtain 3 letters of recommendation; one should be from an athletic trainer if possible.
  • The GRE is not required for the 2021 admissions cycle.
  • Satisfactory and Pass grades for Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 due to COVID-19 curriculum changes will be accepted for the required prerequisites. However, we do highly encourage that students choose traditional grading scales when possible. Pass/Fail grades will not affect the prerequisite GPA, much like AP or IB credit, and so cannot benefit a student applicant outside of credit for completion.

The following application materials must be submitted to  ATCAS:

  1. ATCAS application – completed and including all documents required by ATCAS.
  2. Transcripts – one official transcript from each college/university attended. The transcripts must demonstrate a minimum of a 3.0 overall GPA in undergraduate coursework and completion of prerequisite coursework with a minimum grade of “C” (2.0).
  3. Bachelor’s degree – the bachelor’s degree may be in any discipline from a regionally accredited institution and may be in progress at the time of application. However, the degree must be awarded prior to the program’s start date in the Summer C semester (mid-May).
  4. International Coursework – Applicants who have attended a college/university outside the United States must also provide a course-by-course credential evaluation with GPA calculation.
  5. GRE results – official GRE scores should be submitted to UCF ATCAS using GRE CODE 4241. Please note: the program has not set a baseline score as an admissions criteria. If the exam is scheduled but not yet taken, please include the date you intend to take the exam.
  6. 50 hours of observation – a letter confirming hours must include the name, credentials and contact information of the athletic trainer (BOC certified) you observed in a high school, collegiate, and/or professional sports setting.
  7. Three (3) letters of recommendation  using ATCAS recommendation forms, including one from an athletic trainer.
  8. Personal statement – about your professional goals and the types of work the discipline of athletic training requires.

Incomplete applications will NOT be reviewed.

Admission to the program is competitive.  Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee an applicant an interview or admission to the program.

Admissions decisions will be made only once per year. Incoming students must begin the program in the summer C semester (mid-May).

All applicants are expected to review the UCF AT Program Essential Functions.

Additional Requirements for International Students

  • The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is required for all international students. Please contact the Athletic Training Program for more information at
  • International students with transcripts from foreign institutions of higher education must also submit a foreign credentials evaluation available through World Education Services. The transcript must be translated to English and a course by course evaluation must be completed.

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