Faculty and Staff

Since the time I was young, I have made it my mission to understand the story behind people, places, and things. In my early-20s, I became a counselor to help people tell their stories, one session at a time. In my late-20s, I helped Florida leaders understand data and policies that explained what made families strong. In my mid-30s, I had an epiphany. The stories behind data could help me understand the past, present, and future of many people, places, and things simultaneously.

I have served UCF for 12 years as a researcher, faculty member, and administrator. Through advanced data analytics and visualization, I help others understand the stories that their data are ready to tell. I collaborate in determining and implementing data-driven changes to actions, policies, procedures, and strategies. I assess data-based changes for signs of closing the loop. I rinse and repeat: data present an ongoing narrative that must be observed, assessed, communicated, and acted upon by all those woven into their stories.

I come to the College of Health Professions and Sciences (CHPS) from the former College of Education & Human Performance as the Co-Director of the Office of Analytics, Assessment, and Accreditation. Currently, in CHPS, I direct the Office of Planning and Knowledge Management (PKM) in the Office of the Dean. CHPS PKM provides services to the college leadership, faculty, and staff related to

  • Accreditation and assessment
  • Advanced analytics and survey science
  • Management of institutional data
  • Information technology and information security
  • Space utilization and analysis
  • Facility operations
  • Ph.D., Education, University of Central Florida
  • N.C.C.
Research Interests
  • Advanced analytics and statistics (SPSS, SAS, SmartPLS, MiniTab, R, Python)
  • Data visualizations (Tableau, SAS Enterprise Miner, SPSS, Advanced Excel, R, Python)
  • Data narratives (scholarly written and oral communication via reports, manuscripts, proposals, presentations)
  • Organized project management (Gantt charts, task tracking, timely and transparent team communication and planning)
  • Research methodology (quantitative and qualitative)