Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Central Florida-Orlando Health Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency is to prepare residents in the advance clinical practice of neurologic physical therapy as a clinical specialist committed in the development and strengthening of our healthcare communities, optimizing patient care in the current healthcare environment and improving the quality of life of individuals in the community. Graduates of the residency program will express their training through excellence in clinical practice, improvement in quality of care, increased knowledge in foundational science and management of patients with neurologic lesions, application of evidence-based practice, involvement in community service, pursuit of lifelong learning through involvement in education of future physical therapists and participation in clinical research to expand the body of knowledge in neurologic physical therapy.

Program Goals

Goal # 1. Support the mission, core values and tenets of excellence of University of Central Florida-Orlando Health Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency of strengthening the healthcare community by creating a positive experience and providing highly effective care for patients with neurologic lesions specifically in in the area of neuromuscular preferred practice patterns A through I as defined by the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice (2001).

Goal # 2. Train highly qualified clinicians ready to achieve board certification in neurologic physical therapy by developing a curriculum that meets the requirements for neurologic certified specialist certification by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties.

Goal # 3. Develop clinical decision making skills through consistent supervision and advance neurologic physical therapy practice by integrating evidence based practice and foundational neuroscience.

Goal # 4: Promote inclusiveness and foster involvement in the community by providing residents the skills needed to become a resource for patients with chronic neurological lesions.

Goal # 5: Demonstrate commitment to lifelong learning by preparing the residents to become competent educators and mentors in teaching patients, colleagues and physical therapy students.

Program Objectives

  • The program will deliver education and training using the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy’s recommended outcome measures and evidence-based interventions in patient-client management of adults with lesions of the neuromuscular system. The program will result in proficiency in dealing with neurologic patients commonly seen in acute, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and will include exposure to different specialty clinics including adults with multiple sclerosis, aphasia and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; pediatric patients with neuromuscular lesions; and geriatric patients with dementia. The didactic faculty will provide instruction and guidance in scholarly activities such as research and teaching in the UCF Physical Therapy graduate school setting while the clinical faculty will provide clinical supervision of the residents within the designated clinical sites in the Orlando Health System.
  • The program will focus in improving the quality of care of individuals with neuromuscular system lesions by utilizing outcome measures represented in the domains of the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), and using evidence-based interventions addressing an individual’s impairments, activity limitations and participation restrictions.
  • The program’s curriculum which include didactic and clinical components will acknowledge all aspect of the APTA Neurologic Physical Therapy’s Description of Specialty Practice. The program’s didactic faculty will provide instruction in the area of neuroscience and management of patients with neurologic conditions and guidance in clinical research while the program’s clinical faculty will provide mentorship in the areas of clinical skills and evidence-based practice. The residents will also be engaged in community service related to individuals with neuromuscular system involvement.

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